Has anyone with a Dreamcast played this game? It’s bascially an rpg/simulation that puts you in charge of Sega’s R&D. It features tons of Sega character cameo appearances from the past and present, including recruitable characters like Nei from Phantasy Star 2.

I bought an unopened copy of this, which was quite hard to find. I’ve been debating whether I should dare open the packaging since I don’t ever plan on selling it, and invest the time in playing it without being able to read any Japanese. GameFAQ does offer a walkthrough and some translations to help aid you along though. So is the the game really worth playing or should I just let it remain as a collection piece and leave it unopened?

I say learn Japanese or try to if you do learn it play it if you find it hard and difficult dont open it.

It’s not really that I find it to difficult to play. I’ve played a few Japanese adventure games like Policenaughts with the help of some translation walkthroughs.

I’m just wondering if the game is good enough to warrant me opening it and spending the time it will take to finish it. If the game plays terrible, the battles are disappointing, and all i’m missing is a few Sega in jokes and a Alex Kidd appearance then I’ll probably leave it unopened.

What’s the point of hunting down such a bizarre and obscure game if youre not even going to try it out? I understand the importantence in protecting an investment, but you have to ask yourself what inspired you to buy the game in the first place? Was it to experience just how strange it really was it just a conquest to retire on the shelf?

Well, I decided to throw caution to the wind and opened it up. The game so far seems pretty good. In a way it’s almost to depressing to play. Just reminds me of how good Sega once was, and how we’ll probably never see them at that level again.