Now that’s funny.

That’s a whole lot of money put into a friendship deal… O_o

They must be desperate. O_O

Considering Enix already owned a lot of Game Arts, I don’t understand the impact of this. Also… uh… what’s it gotta do with Sega.

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Also… uh… what’s it gotta do with Sega.
Square-Enix Game Arts

Abbriviations are evil: Especially when they can be abused as a part of marketing propaganda. Wouldn’t you buy a game that’s made by Sega: Square Enix Game Arts. It has three famous names, all in one.

and four if you count sega…

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and four if you count sega…

You mean Game Arts is a famous name?

it will be after this…

They probably add something to the end of the company so it will be like segainc or segaco

Or they’d just continue to call it Square Enix. Enix already owns a huge chunk of Game Arts. I don’t know what the big deal about it is.

And Game Arts is pretty well respected. They did Lunar, Grandia, and Silpheed.

You know, I remember some years ago, Sega got an Italian Soccer team to have their logo on the back of their shirts during the game.

Afterwards, Sega THEN realized that in Italy, Sega is slang for “masturbation”.

damn dirty sonic the pervert