Sega goes down for the count

Not alltogether, of course, but one important division of Sega is gone for good. Well, maybe not important to us, but certainly important to Sega, and to the industry as a whole. Sega Sports, RIP.

Over the last couple of years, Sega Sports became ESPN Videogames, which they leased out to Take 2 (the EA in training) so that they wouldn’t lose money on it again this year. Now, they’ve fully sold the division (which has been rebranded 2K Games) to Take 2, ending the 10+ years of Sega Sports for good.

What does this mean for Sega? Well, it may help them, overall. They won’t be losing money on a failing sports division, but it does look bad. They fought that war fiercely, even with the odds stacked highly against them, but they lasted.

What does this mean for us? Well, Sega was the only company really competing with Electronic Arts on the sports field. I’m not sure if Take2 is going to put as much of an effort into this division as Sega did (they’re not showing any indications of it, as they’re selling all of the games at $20, and they’re not putting it under the more profitable Rockstar label), and if they don’t, that means that EA owns the sports market. They own it. Hell, they already own the football market for the next however many years (which royally pisses me off, even though I’ll never play a football game), but if they are the only people selling sports games, then I assume that phase one of their sinister operations is complete.

If EA has no competition when it comes to sports, they can release whatever the hell they want as a sports game. It can be last years crap, no one will care, because it’ll be the only option on the market. If that happens, EA will start to focus on other genres. While I doubt an EA takeover of every genre, this could put a serious damper on other companies pocketbooks.

My suggestion? Any of you who purchase sports games should purchase the 2K6 variants this coming year over the EA offerings (ie, purchase ESPN Football 2K6 over Madden NFL 2006). Often times it’s better (particularly when it comes to baseball and basketball, but I hear their hockey and football aren’t bad either), it’s cheaper, and it doesn’t further EA’s dominance on the field. I can certainly say that I’ll be purchasing Links 2K6, should there be one this year.

I basically agree with alot of your points, but why do you hate that EA makes all the football games, because you don’t play football games. If EA decided tomorrow that it will be making all Barbie and Mary Kate/Ashley games, I wouldn’t give a crap. I don’t play Barbie games. Well one night I was drunk and played some GBA Barbie game with horses. It sucked and killed my buzz. Anyway…if EA tomorrow started making all the Barbie games, would you really care? No? Why would you care about the football games? The only football game I’ve ever enjoyed has been Tecmo Bowl.

Well, fuck. I don’t play sports games at all either but the fact that EA has full power over a whole genre is frightening. Still, I trust that they won’t be able to take over any other genre, seeing as they seem to blow ass at everything else.

Would you be that pissed if EA had exclusive rights to the lucrative Bratz games?

Look, I don’t play these games but many people and many of my friends do, and now they are limited to buy EA’s crap. That makes me angry.

Ok I think Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer games are the real only Soccer opponant to EA now. Codemaster have Club Football but I’ve not seen them this year…

Big Nutter

Yes, I understand all of that. I asked you a pretty simple question though. Would you really care if EA suddenly had a monopoly on all Barbie games?

No, but I really don’t see how that is related to what I said.

Thats because you were too busy ignoring and avoiding the question to understand it.

Wow, chill dude. I honestly can’t see what part of my statement you don’t get. The very fact that a company has absolute control of anything is bad, and it’s only worse if that company is an evil monster like EA. I don’t like sports games so this doesn’t affect me that much, but it’s still a really bad thing for many gamers.

You’re the one swearing and posting things rather rashly, not me. I’d advise you to take your own advice, too.

The point is, I don’t like Barbie games. I don’t think EA owning the rights to all Barbie games is bad. Do you really think it would be that bad for many gamers if EA was the only company allowed to make Barbie games? Judging from your earlier posts, I don’t think you’d miss any sleep. With me, its the same with Sports games, FPSs, or a host of other game genres I don’t enjoy, including Mary Kate and Ashley games. Now you did give a reason why and how it might affect you. You have friends that play football games.

How about this point? Barbie games don’t sell, whereas Madden 2004 was the highest selling game of 2003, and Madden 2001 was the highest selling launch game for PS2? Regardless that we don’t play them, now anyone who wants to play football has to play Madden, meaning EA doesn’t have to put any effort into its highest selling game for the next few years. Thus, they can put more effort into other games, market them like crazy (with their fat sacks of cash), and outsell other, better games (like FIFA vs. Winning Eleven).

Thanks Sat. And if you think that light swearing discredits an argument, you’re gonna have a bit of a problem with the people here.

By the way, what advice?

whispersEA bought the ESPN license.

Info is back?

You told me to chill, dude. When it looked like you were the one more excited than me (evident by your rashness and swearing). Swearing doesn’t discredit an argument, but someone jumping up and down swearing telling someone to chill should probably chill themselves. Anyway, EA’s sports monopoly doesn’t affect me at all. I’m sorry to know it bothers some of you, though.

I’ll answer your second statement first: If you don’t care, why are you even posting in this thread? Just say “I don’t care” and leave it there.

If you consider “Chill dude” excited/rash behavior and swearing, then you must have grown up on a Tibetan monastery. I did not ignore your question, I judged it irrelevant for the reasons Saturn posted above. Also, I did not swear nor displayed any signal of excitement whatsoever. If I had, I would have said something like this:

And I still think you’re Freddy. Can a Mod check that out?

I love SquareEnix, or at least, I like it alot. If they had rights to every RPG by some crazy event, then I’d still be mad. I’d have to play the sam regurgitated stuff over and over again. Which, ironically, I sometimes do.

In all actuality, this could backfire on EA. People don’t usually like monopolies. They know what it entails. I can think of nothing good that can come from this. Nothing.

When do the contracts end? I also think it would be good if the folks on the other side, the sports side, really looked at this and didn’t just see the dollar signs. Of course…they get money either way, and they might’ve already done that.

Also, I did not swear nor displayed any signal of excitement whatsoever. If I had, I would have said something like this:

Well, fuck. I don’t play sports games at all either but the fact that EA has full power over a whole genre is frightening. Still, I trust that they won’t be able to take over any other genre, seeing as they seem to blow ass at everything else.

Well now I know you’re lying. Why? I really haven’t the foggiest but this discussion hasn’t went anywhere with you doing it. You can run around and make up lies or whatever dumb stuff you want to do, but I won’t participate in the lying. This is the internet, its just not worth it.

… I am not even going to try and guess what you are talking about here. Keep shouting at the air if you want, I’m out.