SEGA Fantasy VI

Ever wonder what the console wars would be like if they were an RPG?

This flash movie is based on the final battle and ending of Final Fantasy VI, except the characters have been replaced with various consoles (and the dialogue changed as such). It’s a bit long, but it’s worth the wait. :kissy:

This thing is fugging awesome. :smiley:

But yeah…also really long. Just so you’re warned.

Worth cookies.

Took it’s time, but…

It’s very good.

Saturn was 32 bit, not 64. The Sega Katana was the one slated to be 64. :frowning:


Lol I liked it

That was pretty excellent.


The was really kewl

Not only have I wondered, but I’ve stayed up nights thinking about it! Well, maybe not that far… >_>

While we’re on the subject anyway, has anyone ever thought that Video Game history would make a pretty damn cool college course? You’d have your major periods in history (the classic era, the dark age, the neo-classic era, the first console war, the “next generation,” the acceptance into mainstream, and the future), you’ve got wars and struggles, you’ve got important people, important dates, important releases, etc. Maybe I’m crazy, but I think it’d be pretty cool… >_>

[edit] Forgot to mention it before, but watching that was one of the coolest half hours of my life. I love all the cameos and stuff, but I’m a little upset that 3DO got to be one of the main heroes, but PC-Engine showed up only as a villian (and SNES only as a memory).

Dude, I would so take that.

Well, I can understand the reasoning for the SNES, as the PlayStation was said to have been made by Sony since Nintendo didn’t want to ditch cartridges just yet. So in a way, the SNES is like the “father” of the PlayStation.

Well, I’ve seen classes being offered (not at my school) on the life of Walt Disney, so anything is possible. Hmm, maybe I should go have a talk to the history department…

Oh, and as for the movie, you can really tell how the author feels about certain consoles. My favorites were what he picked for the three Goddesses, and “Kefka” before his transformation. The move lists for the characters was also kewl.

A waste of time and Internet space.

You suck crap.

I agree!



Mr. Saturn: Sure, why not? I’m taking a history of rock course. You could argue that video games in the nineties and uh… 00s had an impact on culture just as rock music had a huge impact on culture in the fifties, and sixties (and beyond, but not as much).

that was awsome!! who would have guessed that the psp was evil?

:moogle: awwwww baby gameboy ds.