Seems I was proven wrong about Salad Fingers

I thought Salad Fingers was the most disturbing thing I’d ever seen. Seems like David Firth (creator of the Salad Fingers Saga) at has somehow managed to prove me wrong with this very disturbing chronicle about a man with an obsession for the milkman’s wife (among other things) .

I love those flash thingies so much. I can do the voice of salad fingers too- freaked my friend out to the point where she ran out of the room screaming. XD (She couldn’t finish the second ep :P)

That isn’t very disturbing. >.>; Pretty funny. XD


I STILL don’t get why this is so popular. shrug

I was unable to finish that video. Wow, but, still. Horror, my friends, knows few limits. I am unable to bear witness to the viewings in order to get the link:
2: Video
3: Hilarious video
4: Milk shake (I believe.)
I haven’t even TRIED watching the whole thing. 2 seconds was all I could bear.

Man, that’s messed up. Salad Fingers however, is just plain creepy. o.o

Aphex Twin > You all

There’s a story behind this song. Squarepusher challenged Aphex to write a song that stood a chance in hell of getting into the charts. That song is what was created. And it got to like No 80. :smiley:

The more you know…

Oh man- I can’t believe I haven’t ever been to this site before… it fucking rocks!

Salad Fingers is the shit. And the coolest thing is, I think it actually has some real meaning. But even if I’m wrong and it doesn’t, then it’s still really badass.