Seed Destiny is finished

The ending was sooo stupid

Agreed, Kira and Athrun took out Rey and Shinn a bit too easily. I don’t think either one took any real damage. What battles scenes that were new, were alright though the stock footage was very apparent again. Quite a few loose ends(What happened to Mwu, CagallixAthrun?) and worst of all, no hot Mwu VS another main character action.

One of the staff members has even posted a rather amusing complaint about the series in his blog. As a side note Gunota has said that they are making a 40 minute special episode which will hopefully end the series better.

I haven’t seen it end yet , I’m at 49. I liked SEED and Destiny was just fucking irritating throughout. It lacked continuity, the music sucked, there was little character development and the only part of the theme of the show that was well developed was Lacus’ fake

I liked how Destiny began, but thought it went downhill once Athrun joined ZAFT again.

…how much more transparent do you get than having Freedom battle Justice? Have Freedom battle Destiny. Not a very well-hidden metaphor.

I do like how Athrun pwned Shinn though.

God what an irritating series.

Well, back to watching UC and waiting for the Zeta movie to be subbed!

I am getting the whole Zeta series right now :smiley:

It better be awesome, I mean, even 4chan didn’t bash it! Not that much, anyway >_>

What’s Zeta?

And I saw the ending. I didn’t think it sucked, but I wasn’t too surprised. I did find they way they played Rei in the interesting, but I thought the Captain’s last act was utterly retarded. I liked Gladys at first but towards the end she pissed me off, as did mostly everyone in Destiny.

Zeta Gundam is the sequel to the original Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 series.