See ya everbody...

Well I’m going on holiday to Ireland tonight so no one’ll see me for the short side of about two weeks, campings great, having no internet isn’t though. So anyway see ya.


Later Az.

See ya! Set a huge fire for me!

Bye, have fun.


See ya around! Ya’ll come back now, ya here?

Let’s all get drunk and fight! :slight_smile:

Val, you start. You have the most experiance with that.

: Mr. Waving Smilie says ‘Buy me Irish Coffee, or I’ll steal your pants and boxers’.

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Lu Bu says: How about I decapite Mr. Waving Smilie if he tries?

…how could you decapatate him? He seems to be litter more THAN a head!

He could try to cut off the floating hand-thingy. That is the only thing you really can cut off though.

Anyway, CYA Seph. Not that I’ll notice your gone, since I’m on holiday as of Wednesday, for two weeks.

does the bye dance Have fun!

Cya! Have fun Seph!

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Cya! Have fun Seph!


See ya!

Everyone’s leaving! What’s going on? Do they know something we don’t? Goes off to start building an ark.

See ya later! I hope you come back soon.

Bring me a lepruchan!

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Bring me a lepruchan!

And his pot of gold!

Have fun 'n stuff…