See the little people in the snowglobe...

…and then shake it up and watch them suffer! >:D

(It’s been posted before, I know.)

I think Trill went back in time 10 years.

Pretty fun. I wish I had one of these IRL!


What an evil game.

Seen it. OMG ITS LIK OLD!!!1

I wish you could do more to it…like drop it on the floor…MUAHAHAHAHAAAAA!

They won’t die. Stupid snowglobe!

Dot dot dot.

I like how the thermometer drops as it loads. :3

That was… rather odd.

It’s funny how they try and get back to their routine once the shaking is done, and it’s fun to wait for the snowboarder to get to the top of the hill, and then lift the globe up into the air as soon as he gets up there. 8)

Thanks! I had fun!

Crap, how do you delete messages on this thing? I put two on here by accident and I can’t delete this post.

My mom liked the part with the snowman. Heh heh…