Secret of Mana

So, you know how in the water palace there’s only the switch for the steps on the way in? Well, the steps are down and I’m stuck inside the palace. How do I get out? This is right after returning the mana seed and fighting the two-headed monster.

You know, I always wondered about the wisdom in placing the only thing that can grant access to a temple with an important object of mystical properties inside Somewhere near the entrance, where people can get in, and get trapped if people hit the switch again. That’s just so damn smart.

Anyway, I thought there was another switch in there to work it. Either that, or talk to Luca, I dunno. I need to play that game again.

Talk to Luca, save and reset. You=screwed.

Talk/Examaine every thing, there is a basememt.

Big Nutter

Can you use the magical rope in the water palace? I have used that to escape when the stupidity of the other two characters causes the party to become trapped.

I either Swap Contol to one of the stuck Characters, or I move to a place that they become unstuck. I use the same trick with Sword of Mana, so i can have Back up.

I remember one time, I was playing SoM, and was in the Mana Fortress. I’d gotten like, three orbs to upgrade my weapons, but while I was making my way out, the Girl somehow got stuck ON A FRICKIN’ WALL! And since the Magic Rope doesn’t work in there, I had to reset. Never did get those orbs back.