Second Sun, Casting Call and details.

Alright, if anyone has read my “Surreal Dreams DX” thread, then this story is based on my dream and a bit I’ve extrapolated.

Now, for those who wish to ask, it’s set in modern Earth, but RPGC as we know it doesn’t exist. And to start it off, the world is destroyed. chuckles

Now, there MIGHT be some Mary Suish tendencies, mainly with power levels, but the setting of the majority of the story is approximately 200 years after the Coming of the Second Sun. A post-apocalyptic world, if you wish. As it is my dream, I’m sotra the star laughs

I won’t give a lot of details, but I do have some present RPGC personalities in mind already for the fic, and I will contact them for permission if they don’t apply in this thread. WErtigon, PC Glenton, GG Crono, and Weiila will eb fixutes. For a reason.

So the idea is to come up with a short bio of yourself, something I could refer to if you want to be in the fic. Mind you, I might change it a bit, it being the Author’s Perogative. ALL CHARACTERS WILL BE FROM THE TIME PERIOD OF THE MAIN STORY. Also, mind you, your character MIGHT be killed over the course of the fic. It makes for dramatic moments.

Now, as far as abilities go, most of it will be salvaged technology, but magic is perfectly fine: magic comes into play after the appearance of the Second Sun. But be reasonable, ok?

The Bio should be like this:

  • Name (Duh)
  • Alignment (If you play AD&D, All you need to specify is your character is good or evil (or in between), and wether they lean toward chaos or law (or in between))
  • Appearance (what do they look like? Do they dress in unusual ways? Do they look exotic? Etc.)
  • Bio (A short bio on your character)
  • Quirks (A few quirks of teh character, like perhaps speaking slowly or being somewhat paranoid)
  • Abilities (A reasonable list of your character’s abilities and proficencies)

I cna’t accomidate too many, but I’ll try to fit in who I can, even if only with minor parts.

But enough talking, I’ll let you decide.

Name: GG Crono (Goes by GG)
Alignement: Neuteral Good

Appearance: As his name suggests, he looks similar to the RPG hero Crono, as his name suggests. He is of similar height and build, but he lacks the spiky hair. GG’s hair is dark with a slight purple tint, anf though he usualy keeps it fairly short, it tends to be quite messy most of the time. But he cares not.

Little is known about GG’s past. He describes himself as a wandering adventurer, and that title fits him very well, as he never turns down a good adventure.
He is good-humored, quick-witted, very trusting and somewhat of a wiseass. Above all else, he is fiercely loyal to those he considers friends, and would do anything to help them.
Loves pizza and hates puns.

GG knows a little magic, but is not very good at it.
He prefers to rely on Starcleaver, his katana.
He also carries a “bag” at all times. This “bag” can hold a near-infinite number of items. In it, he always carries his secret weapon: A Spaceballs:The Flamethrower.
Also, shortly after ridding himself of an evil entity known as Kilroy, GG aquired a very valuble treasure.
this treasure is a blue crystal that, when activated, grants GG a suit of shinning blue armor. (If you’ve played Legend of Dragoon, it’s kinda like that, but without wings.)
The suit gives him the following special attacks:
Soulbinder, which summons rings of energy to restrain an opponent.
Guardian Rush, which erects barriers around him and allies.
Lumina Bomb, which sends out a concentrated orb of light energy.
And Eternal Nova, which generates an explosion of energy from his body.
He can also invoke a nameless skill that sets Starcleaver aflame.
After the armor wears off, it exausts GG greatly.

  • Dragonessa (aka Nessa)

  • Lawful Neutral

  • While she likes to consider herself the brooding loner, when around people she likes, Dragonessa is actually quite talkative and friendly. She doesn’t like to reveal much about her past or her personal life, and has a hard time trusting people past a certain degree. She tries to find humor in whatever she can, but knows well enough not to poke fun in something if it’s inappropriate. Nessa is very loyal to all her friends, and dislikes when they turn against each other. During a dispute, she is likely to stay silent.

  • Quirks: Has pink hair; acts cute; sometimes flirty; enjoys occasional destruction, especially if it’s by her own magic; has an affinity for cute animals such as dragons and kittens.

  • Abilities: Skilled user of black and white magic, summons. Has improved her skills with the Illumina blade, but is still nowhere near as good of a physical fighter as she is a mage.

Hope that’s good. ^^;;

Name: Zhou Yu/Sairan (Prefers the former, but goes by either name)
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Was able to survive the Second Sun. He has been granted unusually long life as a sort of mutation, but can still be killed just as easily by weapons and the like. He has become a bit of a mercenary due to that incident. He was able to salvage a few of his most prized possesions, but has still lost a great deal. He is also constantly set on fire by GG.

Abilities 'n Stuffs:
Knows black magic, and favors the elements of Fire and Darkness.
Has salvaged Mysteltain, his black-bladed sword, in case he needs it.
Has aquired, and saved Tyrfing, a silver-bladed sword once owned by his greatest nemesis.
Carries the Dark Dragoon Spirit, but only uses it in dire need.
Has also recently aquired a persocom, which he has named Natomi. She took shelter along with Zhou, and was henceforth saved. Her purpose is not yet clear, but she is being used mostly for item storage at this point. She constantly follows Zhou around, and can fight if needed.

It’s Post-Apoc? Im there.

Name: ClothHat
Alignment: Lawful or Chaotic depending on his mood or whatever is appropriate at the time. Neutral on the moral scale.
Appearance: Tends to dress in clothes scavenged from department stores at random, always wears a battered and faded fedora.
Bio: Is slightly unhinged, and has a tendency to think he’s in a post-apocalyptic CRPG. Got his start as an outlaw raider, but made the move to organized crime after he realized that raiders rarely lived long enough to die in bed. He knows his way around the desert but prefers the cities, less snakes. Is obsessed with recovering what he calls “Pre-War tech”.
Quirks: Has formed a familiar-like relationship with his hat and becomes anxious if he doesn’t know where it is.
Abilities: Has a rather impressive amount of liquid resources and henchmen. Only moderately skilled with a sidearm or tommygun, CH has only survived this long because he tends to be incredibly lucky in combat instead of any actual skills.

<img src=“”> Name: TD

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral. The Apocalypse kinda fried his mind, and he went a bit insane.

Appearance: One of those fancy tux-like suits, only all filthy and sand covered and stuff, in a faded grey color which might have once been black, with a messy amount of uncombed hair on top of it. Tie included.

Bio: Insane. Work with it.

Quirks: Absolutely refuses to change clothes, just drops water on himself or swims to clean.

Abilities: Sticks, stones and other makeshift weapons.

EDIT: Doh, didn’t see it’s set 200 years after the apocalypse… oh well, gives Spaz something to work with :stuck_out_tongue:

[Tentative sketch]
Kai Sampo

Chaotic Good

Short and wire thin male with an affinity for dark clothing. Beat up animal hides [leathered and colored black] make up the bulk of his clothing, but he also has a vibrant green apron (pock-marked with grease stains and burn scars); a family heirloom that seems to have some sort of magical properties.

While the technology of the pre-apoc world is lost to most of the surviving humans, for 200 years Kai’s ancestors have managed to hold onto it, passing on down its secrets. Kai, armed with this knowledge of things that used to be, can salvage and fix damn near any relic.


master salvager, blacksmith, and mr. fix it when it comes to stuff.

Can distill a crude fossil fuel substitute.

Rides a motorcycle (very well; and it’s probably the only functional one on the planet), often called a “metal horse” by other people.

Weapons of choice:
Double pistols. Oh yeah!!!
[In terms of ammo, though, he’s limited to what crude substitutes he can make…unless he were to find an old pre-apoc arsenal somewhere…]

He’s also fashioned an elementary shotgun-type weapon (with crude musket-ball type ammunition) which he uses to great effect based on the old knowledge and what limited resources he’s had access to.

Also carries a large knife strapped to his left boot, doubling both as weapon and survival tool.

A little bit of fire magic.

Name: Jamie

A Line Meant: Chaotic Good

Appearance: A bit big, nice long hair, dresses in just about anything, matching or no.

Background: A wandering minstrel…sort of. :stuck_out_tongue: He plays music as well, and excels in percussive instruments. He also likes to chase women (though reluctant to admit that he’s not as successful as he lets off). In any case, friendly, and funny.

Quirks: Spaces out a lot, can’t concentrate on two things at once, has an unfortunate staring problem (Like spacing out looking at a girl’s breasts :P), is uneducated in some seemingly simple things. Flirty, sometimes overly so.

Skills: Very knowledgeable about anything music (Singing, playing, dancing, writing), can cook well. Fairly good at making makeshift weapons out of his surroundings.

And mrraw, that’s all.


Name: Trillian

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Appearance: green-eyed, wears a tattered black cloak over a tattered dark red dress, and old knee-high combat boots.

Bio: Lives secluded in an underground library, guarding the ancient histories of mankind from theives; spends most of her time recording the apparent new dark age. Has a sneaking suspicion she’s being stalked by the mafia.

Quirks: If it meant that the library would be preserved, she would die for it. Shuns contact with the outer world, so she hasn’t seen the light of day in 20 years.

Abilities: Speed reading, speaks softly and carries a Cloud Strife-sized sword. :slight_smile:

Name: Poke, but he sometimes listens if you say Moranath

Alignment: Neutral Good Good/Chaotic Evil

Appearance: Shorter than the average person, blue hair, green shirt and green pants. His eyes go slightly red when his other personality appears.

Quirks: Schisophrenic (“standard” personality is Good, the other is Evil.) The other personality usually appears when he is threatened by something.
The other personality claims to be called Moranath.

Bio: He cares a lot about his friends, so he tries to warn new friends about Moranath.
He usually wants to solve things without resorting to violence, but his alternative personality would kill someone if they just say “hi” in the wrong way. He fear his other personality so he tries to avoid conflict to avoid Moranath, because Moranath loves nothing more than senseles destruction.

Abilities: As his standard personality, he has no special abilities except being a nice guy, but when Moranath appears he has a strange sixth sense for what to do and where to go to cause maximum mayhem.
Moranath can also use some simple fire magic, such as creating and controlling fire.

  • Name: Weiila

  • Alignment: Lawful Good

  • Appearance: Long brown hair pulled back in a pony tail (harder for any potential monsters to get a hold of it), usually wears a pair of light-green pants and a white shirt - the latter to signal that she’s a healer - but both are a bit torn and dirty after a lot of crawling around trying to find survivors to save in the wrecks of the world. Carries a whip by her belt for a weapon, but it’s a bit of a problem since it requires fairly large spaces to use.

  • Bio: Weiila has learnt healing magic and is a fairly skilled healer, a feat desperately needed in the fading world. Though she seems frail she has a strong will and wish to help others, but the state of the world is wearing on her psyche and her optimism seems more and more forced.

  • Quirks: Will try to see the good things in all situations, but it’s a declining personality thing. Might crack some strange jokes now and then.

  • Abilities: Healing magic and uses a whip, but preferes not to fight.

  • Name: Ressu “Can do” Kamitachi

  • Alignment: Neutral Good

  • Appearance: Redheaded kid with blue tribal markings on both sides of his face. Annoyingly blue orbs for eyes, like he says himself. Short (155cm) and not too bulky.

  • Bio: Poor but streetsmart kid (15 human years) from the Northern Territory of the world. Knows enough to get himself by around the world, but is too trusting around strangers. He probably has relatives around, but doesn’t know of any. Knows this lack of relatives and close company a weakness, and can’t help expressing it periodically.

  • Quirks: Can’t stand alcohol or any kind of self-abuse in the way of smoking and such. Complains soundly if encounters someone in his group doing such, without even saying “Sorry, gotta smoke a cig.”, although he has a slight problem to contain himself around sweets and sugar. Has a developing phobia of tight spaces. Likes rain, and water.

  • Abilities: Surprisingly slippery in close combat, and doesn’t care what the means to defeat an opponent when in imminent danger. Likes small weapons that can be concealed and drawn out easily; Slight dislike to both firearms and magic, and to those who use them, due to the racket and the visual stuff. Can build small explosives, molotovs, piled-up charges and the like, given some time and ingredients, and seems to have no problem using them over guns. Good at fixing electronics.

Name - Wertigon

Alignment - Chaotic Good

Appearance - Just your average guy with an evil-twin beard (South Park style). Famous for carrying around a penguin-marked blade, his most priced possession inherited from his father. The blade itself is of a metal that never seems to rust, and always stay sharp no matter what happens. The sword has been inherited in the family for generations.

Bio - Having lived in the streets of Neo DC has made him cautious and strong. After losing both his parents to a monster, he picked up his father’s sword and swore to avenge him. He lives fighting the monsters in every way he can, and is a cunning fighter.

Quirks - Overly paranoid. Doesn’t say much, always keeps his eyes on his surroundings. Cautious, sneaky, and will kill any monster if he has the chance to do so. Has a deeply rooted interest for mechanical things.

Abilities - Skilled with his sword, and a computer/technical constructor/ingeneer/builder.

I guess, since it’s post-apocalypse, that leaves…

Name: Myrrine Dai

Alignment: Chaotic/Orderly Good

Appearance: Blue-black hair with a red tuft at the front which brushes her collar, dark purple eyes, dark brown skin, two tufts of purple-red feathers located between shoulderblades, eagle-like feet, complete with talons and a boomerang-shaped scar on her left cheek. Usually to be found wearing a shirt and jeans, or an Asian-style top and pants. NEVER a skirt or a dress. Carries a sword slung across her back and wears a bracelet with a staff ‘amulet’.

Background: Never talked about. As in, NEVER.

Bio: Myrrine is testy and extremely reluctant to talk to people. She’s a warrior born and bred and would like nothing better than to take revenge on the creature that- as she sees it- killed the ones closest to her. Over a century will do that to you…
She is a person of her word and will stick to it, no matter what. However, experience has taught her that’s not necessarily true of other people…

Quirks: Myrrine plays with magic, especially wind and light magic. It’s then that she’s at her happiest… She thinks before she speaks. Occasionally, it’s said that there have been wings of flame sprouting from her back… but not from anyone reliable.

Abilities: Eight-element magic (Wind, Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, Metal, Light, Dark) and touches a small part of Time Magic, but she prefers to use her sword to fight with. If necessary, she’ll use her staff to bring out another weapon to deal with the enemy. She also has a talent for understanding many languages and speaking them.

I think that’s about it for the story… so I’d better start running.

Post-Apo? Then I’m gonna use a new Bio. My odl one was terrible…


Chaotic Evil

Wreathed in permanent darkness, all that is visible is his eyes, which glow a fierce yellow. The rest of just a black outline holding a weapon.

Changed beyond recognition after the world was burned to a cinder, and now totally without morals, conscience, or scruples. He’ll join you if he has something to gain, but don’t expect him to be pleasant - or trustworthy - company. Prefers Darkness to Light, for some now-lost reason.

Enjoys killing, but demands there to be ane excuse, no matter how slight, before he strikes. Any excuse. Also has the tendancy to look upon his colleagues as shields to ensure his own survival.

His only weapon is a long-handled ornate sycthe. Having no coherent light falling on him means if he puts his hands in frot of his body you can’t see them, which is perfect for surprise attacks as you can’t see where the hell they are. Likewise, if he closes his eyes you can’t even see him, just a patch of darkness standing in the middle of a room.

Good was boring. I want to be evil for a change. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope it’s not too late.

Name: Azrael
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Appearance: Like the Blind unknown from Kingdom Hearts (Long black/grey trenchcoat down to feet, black boots, black gloves, white hair down to shoulders, black blindfold.)
Weapon: A large and beautifully decorated sword which looks very evil.
Biography: Azrael is a wandering adventurer, who searches for a legendary place, a supposed safe haven, with unlimited food supplies. Very friendly, but if betrayed his wrath is fearful.
Quirks: None really, Azrael is a bit of a mystery…
Abilities: incredibly powerful sword and black magic skils, but pathetic magical defense.


Chaotic Netural

Always seen wearing a medievil looking black ragged cloak that covers the entrire body. Has dark blue hair, somewhat longer in length, and bright blue eyes, along with a long noticable scar across his right cheek.

Carries nothing but a small pack, a home-forged longblade and his wits, he has traveled many years attempting to forget his onw tragic past and of those he was forced to leave behind to save himself. His heart is swollen with dark regret and thes hame of his past, although no one living has any idea of his roots. He holds no alliegence to any man save himself, and has often been seen as a blade for hire, never choosing sides.

Despite the low quality of his blade, his skill is practically unmatched. And as the opposite of what you would think, he does not kill without reason, and if he ever happens across a poor soul he will provide assistance, but will never accept any gratitude, perhaps as returbution for his past.

Cannot cast magic outright, but has learned to focus energy through his blade, creating everything from beams of pure energy to powerful winds, although using such skills takes a great deal of stress from his body. Because of this, he mostly relies on his swordsmanship and only on these magical skill in dire situtions.

Wow, I’ve gone through tons of post-apocalyptic books, movies, and games, but I never knew there were so many swords in the post-apocalyptic wasteland…

You’d be suprised of the kind of things one can forge from scrap metal. :hahaha;

If it’s not too late, here’s mine:

(note: This hints at some stuff that’ll happen in Origins Saga)

Name: d Galloway

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Appearance: Spikey red hair, 5’6" in height (I GREW TOO INCHES! YAY!). His silver samurai armor was destroyed, so he wears his Kagonite Breastplate from his Kai form at all times. His eyes have changed from a bright blue to a dark red, and he still has a tail. He also wears a broken watch, as well as an old backpack and a Bag of Holding.

Bio: d Galloway was the good half of a fool that used the Ultra-orb, a powerful artifact that amplified parts of a person’s soul. After fighting countless evils, he began to settle down. However, everything was shot to hell when the world ended. Despite his best efforts, he was unable to do anything to stop it, and that rage has since then been clawing inside of him. He has now mastered every SSJ transformation except for SSJ4 (since he can never look at the light of the full earth), but he tries to keep from transforming for fear that he could not control all that power. He is accompanied by his daughter, Maria, after his brother left to pursue other adventures, and is presumbed dead.

Quirks: Can transform into every SSJ form except for SSJ4. He tends to be a bit more pessimistic than others. When in his SSJ form, he can become insanely destructive and uncontrollable. He still has lingering feelings for Weiila, and is willing to do anything to protect his daughter.

SSJ: Transforms into a Super Saiyan. Strength and speed are improved drastically, while vision and hearing are also improved. Physical indications are: golden hair, green eyes, increase in muscle mass.
SSJ2: Power is raised many hundred times higher than SSJ. Hair becomes longer, while eyebrows become thinner.
SSJ3: Power reaches levels vastly beyond those of all the gods put together. Hair now flows all the way down to the ground, eyebrows dissapear completely, and aura becomes insanely thick. Galloway can only hold this for about 5 minutes before being completely drained.

Galloway also uses a katana, with which he has great skill. He can also turn into a Kai Lord by lowering his Power Level down to that of a normal human, then raising it immediately. In this form, he has access to a Silver Bow, as well as the magical sword Skarn-Skae and a whole host of new abilities. His aura also becomes “divine”, in that evil things can sense it immediately and race straight towards it, making it useful only when already surrounded.