Second Sun, an RPGC Fic by StarStorm

Second Sun

An RPGC Fic by StarStorm

Prologue: Second Sun

Date: October 1, 2008
Location: Monroe, Michigan, USA.

It was as if Godzilla had come to life.

Except it wasn’t reptilian, and from the later Japanese movies, decidedly less benevolent.

It was bipedal, a white-skinned mockery of the human form. Giant red eyes glowed despite the fact that it was the middle of the day. Large claws on it’s fingertips brought down buildings more effectively (And less cleanly) than a wrecking ball.

It was the perfect engine of destruction.

Tanks, situated quite a distance back, fired repeatedly at the monster. Not continuously, but enough to do some damage.

As if it cared.

Air support was called in. Jets streaked in, firing missiles at the creature. Those that had not finished unloading their weaponry turned back to release the rest. Bombers high overhead dropped bomb after bomb, uncaring of the landscape around it. They didn’t have to, everything else was destroyed by the creature.

It only looked around in amusement and continued on it’s merry destruction.

Eventually though, it seemed to grow tired of the tanks, and striding easily toward them, it took a deep breath and exhaled. A jet of white hot flame scremed from it’s mouth, as hot as the sun. Tanks melted, brave soldiers had the flesh seared from their bodies before their bones disintegrated, and the ground itself was charred beyond recognition. In some places there was glass.

Finally the big guns were brought out. It was decided that Monroe was lost totally, and the President authorized the use of a weapon not used since World War II.

As the monster apporached Detroit, several bombers, flying several miles up, unleashed the most devastating weapon man has created to date: the nuclear bomb.

The creature, admittedly, was surprised as megaton after megaton of explosive energy bombarded it. As it’s breath had decimated the land it touched, so was the land surrounding it destroyed. Nuclear explosion after explosion, the light could be seen as far as Chicago. The barrage was nothing short of relentless.

The faithful knelt and prayed for salvation in the coming Armageddon. Even those who did not hold faith could not help but pray. Even the most jaded souls wept at the destruction being wrought.

And yet… when the smoke cleared…

The creature remained. Panicked reports were sent to the airbases the bombers had left from, mere seconds before they were destroyed.

All was still for a few minutes. Each minute felt like an eternity.

And then, it laughed. The booming, malicious laughter could be heard almost all over the earth. Not through hearing, but as a shudder through the souls of six billion human beings, and countless more creatures.

And finally, it spoke.

“So. The Dreamer has not come. And I am victorious. As it is…”

The creature started to burn with an inner light a scant millisecond before it exploded, reforming into something brighter than the sun. The survivors would refer to it as the Second Sun.

The heat of the Second Sun vaporized everything within a hundred miles. The radiation alone seared through everything, even the earth itself. Instantly, billions upon billions of people died, before they had a chance to register what had even happened. Perhaps a few million human beings would survive. The ecosystem of the planet was ruined beyond any recognition. Even if the few lucky ones survived, it would be hard to survive for very long.

And then as soon as it appeared, the Second Sun died. And the earth died with it.

When the sun set on the first of October, Year 2008 A.D., the earth, as humanity had known it the day before, was gone.


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And I’ve got Mad Max visions dancing in my head. Very nice.

Chapter 1: Five Years Ago…

Date: October 1st, 2003
Location: Monroe, Michigan, USA.

I am NOT a morning person.

I have a hard time waking up, and get really grumpy if I wake up, especially before I want to. But my boss said if I was late one more time, I could forget about coming back.

Would be a perfect day. My girlfriend broke up with me yesterday. Well no, I broke up with her, after finding her in bed with one of my coworkers, and a complete jackass. The nice guy comes last, as usual. Well, I tried.

I take a shower and dress, wondering if today would be even worth the effort. Maybe I should call in sick. At least I don’t have a supervisor breathing down my back and Mike gloating over taking my woman away from me.

But I need the money. Money over my sanity. This is what my life has gone down to: an ex who cheats on me, and if rumor is true, with a lot of people. Idiot coworkers who never seem to have outgrown puberty, and a dead end job.

Time to go to work.

At least I’m not late, but it’s just like I figured. Mike trying to humiliate me by talking about his conquest in front of everyone. The guys are laughing their heads off, the girls seem to be tittering as well. I ignore them as best I can, and Dana gets on my back about being too slow, which gives them more to laugh about. Eight hours of this and close to minimum wage. Yay.

Finally, eleven o’clock. I punch out and drive home. Most of my family is asleep, so I get on the computer for something to do. A few games, which bore me to tears. Maybe a little porn… no I don’t even have the mood for that too.

So all I do tonight is just click, click, click. I don’t really pay attention. Boring as hell. Maybe a chat, but then I’ll find the usual weenies looking for a quick cyber-lay.

I get off the comp and head to the TV to watch a movie. Not much, just some Disney movie. Something sort of happy to cheer me up. At least that works a little bit, and an hour and a half later, I go back to the computer for more games.

Then an alarm goes off. Five-thirty. My brothers will be getting up for school, and my mom will be wanting on. It seems like she went to bed earlier. Fine by me. I’m tired. I should go to bed and get enough rest for more mind-killing drugdery.

I go to my bed and undress, slipping under the comforter. Thankfully, sleep comes quickly.

Location: Ruins of New York City
Date: May 3, 194 A.S. (2202 A.D.)

He held his back to the burned out ruin of a skyscraper. Looking around the corner, he found that what he had been hearing was correct: One of the mutations that the Second Sun seemed to have spawned was just lurking out of the corner. If he recalled, this one was thought to have a very good sense of hearing. But blind. Very blind. If he was quiet…

PC, as the man was known, was very good at quiet.

Trying to keep his footsteps and breath as low as possible, he crept toward the “Dhroma”. It looked like a living plant, a large mouth in the middle of a tangle of what seemed to be vines. The vines were feelers of a sort, and quite strong, as PC recalled. His last encounter with one was almost fatal: It prefered to eat like a snake, which perhaps suggested a reptilian connection.

Once he got in close enough, he reached into his pocket, palming a firebomb: what they used to call a grenade pre-Sun, and a pretty difficult relic to find. One much worth finding though. He stomped his foot as he pulled the pin out and the Dhroma turned toward him, shuffling on it’s tentacles at a surpisingly fast clip.

PC backed away as quickly as he could, and threw the firebomb. He didn’t even check to see if he hit it, he just turned and ran. A tentacle whipped out, reaching for his leg…

KABOOOM! Tentacle, blood and various Dhroma pieces scattered in all directions.

He turned around and shook off the gore from his good trenchcoat. As much as he disliked getting it messy, he was more grateful for the local salvager, who was quite happy to provide a couple of firebombs. At an exorbitant price, of course.

PC picked up several Dhroma tentacles. They would be useful since ClothHat had put a bounty on them: They bred like rabbits and had provided a nuisance to several of his enforcers. ClothHat may have been a lunatic, but he knew what he was doing at any rate.

If he was correct, one of the major nests would be around here. That fact was verified as Dhroma streamed out of a building five hundred feet away, attracted by the noise. Taking a small camera out of his pocket, he quickly snapped several photos of it, and backed away as quietly as he could. The Dhroma were confused by the lack of sound. The overpowering stench of gore would mask his.

Until, of all things, he heard a muffled snore in an alleyway behind him.

That did it. The Dhroma, locking in on the snore, came straight for PC. PC cursed under his breath and whipped around.

That was bizarre. What was a man doing sleeping near a Dhroma nest? For that matter, how did he get there in the first place?

Normally, PC would have left him behind. He really didn’t care about others outside of what they could offer him, but he had heard enough about Dhroma not to let anyone be taken by them. The very thought made the bile in his throat rise.

He didn’t have time to wake him. Cursing even more, he grabbed the man’s arm and tried to pull him up, straining. “Fuck, you’re heavy!” he growled as he started to drag him as quickly as he could to the passenger car of his metal horse. Another exorbitant expense from Sampo, but one also worth it.

PC literally threw him into the seat and hoped on the horse. Kicking it into gear, he let the throttle loose, and left the Dhroma far, FAR behind.

Very cool, very dark too, as I said.

A bit of a tenseshift between part one and two in the first chapter, but then again the point of view also changed, so that will pass :slight_smile:

Cool… sort of a fantasy Mad Max thing going.

Keep it up.

Cool, could evolve into something realy kickass.

Chapter 2: Awakening

Location: The Ruin of the Empire State Building, New Brooklyn

PC slowed down slightly as the building came into view. Fortunately, the Governor’s fortress was easy to spot: it was the largest building around.

He hopped off the metal horse as two humans, armed each with a spear and a light pistol, hustled out, weapons at the ready. PC held up his hands to show he hand no weapons in them, and called out “I’m here to see the Governor.”

The guards stopped and stood rigid, saluting PC as he approached. Then one took a look at his metal horse. “Wha? Who’s your friend?”

PC shrugged. “Found him sleeping near a Dhroma nest. Damn near killed me.”


“No.” PC sighed, as if the guard was one of the greatest idiots to walk the earth. “Could I get some help with him? He weighs a ton.”

The guards stowed their weapons and lifted the man from the passenger car, and led PC into the skyscraper.

The Governor’s office was somewhat clean. Most of it showed the luxury of the pre-war days. Most of it was in some bit of disrepair, although the local artisians in his pay did their best to maintain it.

The age, quite naturally, showed.

Right now, PC had laid his pictures out on the desk. “As I suspected, the nest was in the old Times Square, in one of the burned out theaters.”

The Governor looked over the photographs. “Hmmm I see. Any estimates of numbers?”

“No idea. Quite a few Dhroma came out after I firebombed the first. I would believe over a hundred, maybe two.”

“Lovely.” The Governor frowned, looking up at PC. “And what about the Doe?”

PC shrugged. “No idea. He wasn’t there when I last looked.”


A shake of the head. “No. Despite what they’d like to have us believe, the Children don’t have teleportation abilities. And if they did, I’d love to see the one who could do it in their sleep.”

“Hmmmm…” The Governor nodded. “I wouldn’t put it past them though… but you have a point. I’ll send a group into Times Square. Wertigon loves this sort of thing.”

“Now is the time we discuss the rest of my payment.”

The Governor rolled his eyes. At least PC was to the point.

I don’t want to get up.

Although, admittedly, I feel more rested than I have in a year, I’m sore. No idea why. But I think I got some decent sleep… Oh crap.

I work today. I didn’t hear my alarm. Dana’s going to have my hide.

I quickly sit up, opening my eyes, before a pair of hands push me down. “You’re not getting up yet until I’ve finished my exam.”

The hell?

I open my eyes. Over me is a young woman in a white shirt, looking over me as if I was sick.

I could be. I know my house, and this is DEFINATELY not it. Finally I chance a few words. “Where the hell am I?”

The woman raises an eyebrow. “That’s rude.”

I sigh and try again. “Where the hell am I, please?”

The woman rolled her eyes and looks over to what seems to be the far side of the room. “Looks like there isn’t any… marks, which is pretty strange for someone found near a Dhroma nest.”

The man at the other end nods. “Alright, I’ll go tell the Governor.”

I try to get up, but the woman pushes me back down gently. “No. You still need rest.”

“Tell me where I am first.”

She looks at me as if I’m one of the stupidest people on earth. “You’re in the Governor’s Fortress.”

“The what?”

Now she looks at me as if I’m really stupid. “The Governor’s Fortress…”

I grumble slightly. “I heard you the first time. What are you talking about?”

She blinks once, and then holds me down, shining a light into my eye.

“Ack! Hey, cut it out!”

She seems worried for some reason. As if I didn’t have a reason. “What’s your name?”

“My what?”

She frowns and turns to pick up a notepad, a dark brown ponytail whipping behind her. “Confused, does not know name or locations, possible concussion.”

“I know my name!”

She turns back to me. “Then what’s your name?”

“Wesley Collins.”

She nods, somewhat satisfied. “Alright. But I want to be sure…” She closes her eyes and seems to screw up her face in concentration. I have to stop the urge to laugh, as it looks completely silly. Until a light escapes her hands and strikes me, bathing me in the same light for a moment.

Now I’m in shock. I’m crazy. I finally snapped, and I’m in a rubber room at the local crazy house. I know it.

But would the madman know he’s mad? Probably not.

She must have noticed the look of shock on my face. “What’s wrong?”

“What the hell was THAT?!?!”

She looked perplexed. “What?”

“That light?!?!”

She blinks and stands there, as if thinking for a moment. "I think the Governor is going to want to hear about you. She almost runs to the door, but almost as an afterthought, she turns to me and tells me sternly, “Don’t you dare get out of that bed.”

With that, she’s gone. Like I’m going to leave. I don’t know where I am. Or what’s going on. For that matter, what I’m going to do.

Yup damn cool, and now I shall introduce to a phrase which GG knows well…

And GG update teh damn Ancient Wizardry!

Very intriguing, I’m definately going to follow this.

This is such an interesting start. I can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen, and who else is going to make an appearance (and how).

Chapter 3: The New Home

Wertigon sighed as he read the order from the Governor. Dhroma. It had to be Dhroma. The biggest evidence that the Second Sun was a pervert.

All the more reason to wipe out this nest. Shame that New Brooklyn had about a hundred years of unchecked infestation before it was settled. Maybe the infestations would never cease.

“GG, Nessa, I need you two. On the double.”

Wertigon sat back in a rickety chair. It used to be something of luxury, but like almost everything in the fortress, age took it’s toll.

He waited for about five minutes before a young woman swept into the room, followed by a young man.

“What’s up?” the young man said, cooly. He had the air of one who lived for a fight.

Wertigon threw down the pictures PC had taken. “GG, we have a Dhroma infestation in the old Times Square.”

GG grinned and jerked his thumb over at the woman. “Any reason Nessa is here? You know what’s going to happen… IPE!”

His voice rose about an octave with the application of a small ice spell centered on his crotch. Nessa just smiled at him and said, almost jovially, “Keep on going and I burn it too.”

GG shut up. Quickly.

Wertigon laughed a bit, leaning back in his chair. “That’s exactly what we’re going to need, Nessa. GG, get your flamer. Think I might ask for Weiila, we’ll probably need her.”

GG rose an eyebrow. “She can’t fight.”

Wertigon sighed, and started to speak to GG as if he was mentally impaired. “She can heal.”

“Good enough.”

“Alright, here’s the plan I had in mind…” Wertigon beckoned the two closer, and he pointed at various pictures as he outlined his plan.

The Governor tapped his fingers on the desk. “No memory, frightened of magic, and yet nothing’s wrong with him?”

“That’s the prognosis, Governor.” Weiila sighed.

“Hmmm. Think he might be a Child?”

“Maybe. I can’t tell if his mind is altered. My abilities don’t stretch that far.”

The Governor sighed. “As much as I’d love to find someone who can train you in that, if he is a Child, we don’t have the time. And yet the circumstances point to him not being one.”

“How would you know?”

“PC brought him in.”

Weiila mulled this over for a moment, and then nodded. “Good enough. Where is PC anyway?”

“Collecting ClothHat’s bounty.”

“Ahh. So what do you suggest we do?”

The finger-drumming stopped as the Governor pressed his fingers together. “Well, we’ll keep an eye on him, think I might put the word out that we’ll need someone with experience in memories. Jamie should be good to make sure everyone knows.”

“So who’s going to watch him?”

A moment later, Weiila left the office, resisting the urge to curse at the top of her lungs.

I laid there for a while, just looking around. I didn’t have the time to take stock of the area while the dark-haired woman tended to me. But now that I was alone…

The room seemed to be a makeshift doctor’s office. It made sense, she seemed like one. There were a few beds along the wall, clean sheets and everything. Nearby I could see a set of surgical tools. Some of them were rusted, as if they hadn’t been used in a long time.

But what got to me most is the age of the room. Wooden paneling seemed to be cracking with age, and the ceiling, which was probably white when it was first painted, was a golden yellow with age. The lights seemed to flicker slightly, as if there wasn’t enough power to supply them.

What had happened?

The woman returned, sighing and muttering to herself. “Are you feeling alright?”

I nodded. I don’t think it was the time to argue.

She continued. She seemed annoyed. “The Governor welcomes you to New Brooklyn…”

“What?” New Brooklyn? The hell?

She looked at me with another one of those “God you’re stupid” looks. “New Brooklyn.”

“Uhm… humor me here, but why is it called NEW Brooklyn?”

She shrugged. “Because it was built on the ruins of the old Brooklyn.”

Ruins? What the hell? What exactly was going on here?

I must have looked extremely confused at that, because she sighed. “I don’t really know. That’s a question for Trillian.”

I’ll have to talk to them later. Whoever this Trillian is.

“One more question, then…”

Now she was getting very annoyed. “What?”

So was I. “Why the hell are you barking at me? I haven’t done a damn thing!”

She looked at me for a minute, and then sighed. “Sorry, I just seem to be testy lately…”

I shrugged. “Fair enough. But please don’t be testy to me, okay? Sorry for interrupting, but do go on.”

She nodded, and starting speaking in a somewhat calmer tone. “The Governor wishes to extend a welcome from New Brooklyn, and has offered you a guest room in the fortress.”

Niiiiice. I get a guest room from what’s apparently the Big Boss around here. Normally I’d question why, but hey, it is a place to stay after all. “Tell him I said thanks.”

“He’s also… asked… me to give you a tour of the fortress, just a quick look around.” She sighed a bit. There we go. Apparently she didn’t want to do this. Ah well. Couldn’t blame her, having to show around a newcomer for a little while.

I decided to break the ice. “Uhm… after all this, I never did catch your name…”

“Weiila.” She smiled just a bit, and extended her hand. “Sorry about not having proper introductions earlier.”

I took her hand and shook it lightly. “No problem.” I sat up and pushed myself out of the bed. Uh oh… “Uhm… where are my clothes?”

Weiila seemed to be supressing a laugh. “I’ll go get them.”

Ten mintues later, Weiila was showing me around the “Fortress”. Nothing much, there were quite a few people running around, which Weiila greeted by name, and I nodded in greeting. But one thing got to me.

“Why does everything seem so… old and dirty?”

Weiila sighed softly. “I think… I’m not sure, but I think this building was abandoned for about a hundred years.”

“A hundred years? What the fuh… Why?”

She looked at me like I was crazy for a moment. “Why? Everyone in New Brooklyn was killed 200 years ago by the Second Sun.”

“200 YEARS?” I just had to ask. Something was wrong. “Years? What year is it?”

“194 A.S.”

“Anno Domini, please?”

Her face contorted, as if trying to remember something. “Let’s see… Trillian said that the Second Sun happened in 2008, so I’d say it would be… 2202 A.D.”

200 years. I was almost 200 years in the future. Five years after yesterday… What was yesterday anyway…

What happened to me?!?!


Second Sun: Refers to the disaster that happened over Monroe, Michigan, which wiped out almost the entire population of earth and pretty much wrecked every ecosystem on the planet. There are some survivors, and while they have not had an EASY existance, they have somewhat thrived.

Pre-Sun: Before the coming of the Second Sun.

A.S: After Sun. Year Notation. 0 A.S. Corresponds to 2008 A.D.

Mutation: Refers to the creatures which started to appear approximately 20 A.S. Refered as mutations because most generally don’t look or seem like any sort of creature before the Second Sun.

Dhroma: A reptilian or plant beast that seems to be one giant mouth surrounded by a mass of tentacles. Not very strong in combat, but fast and the tentacles have been known to paralyze. Only knows two things: Eating and mating. It’s mating habits are… disgusting to say the least. Often lives in nests with numbers reaching over a hundred. It’s usually advised to bring some sort of flame, as they seem to burn easily.

Firebomb: A grenade.

Metal Horse: A motorcycle. Operational ones are rare, especially with the fact that usable fuel must be refined in a painstaking process. The only one who really knows how to make fuel in decent amounts is Kai Sampo… In New Brooklyn anyway.

Salvager: Someone who specializes in salvaging, repairing, and building Pre-Sun Technology. Salvagers are a rare commodity.

New Brooklyn: A series of skyscrapers in the ruins of New York City, New Brooklyn is probably the largest human settlement on the eastern Seaboard, boasting a population of about fifty thousand. The most notable fact is that most of the usable farmland is on the rooftops of heavily guarded buildings.

Child: A follower of the Children of the Second Sun.

Flamer: A flamethrower.

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