Second Life

Second Life is a massive multiplayer online um… thing.

Its not really a RPG, Sim, Shooter, or any other genera but more of a melding of them all. Turning you into sort of a free roaming god of sorts where you can manifest anyfuckingthing and shape it as you please. Hats, weapons, cars, pools, fucking anything, I’m not kidding. It only costs a one time fee to start playing and the only time you’ll spend real money again is if you choose to buy land and build a house for yourself. Cause you can build anything, remember?

While wondering around (I did the free trial) I ran into some shops that had pet moogles that someone had made. Oh yeah, you can even write script for your objects that you create. The moogle would follow me around and either bounce me across the room or hand me roses… O_o

The good news- This game is by far the most open ended thing ever, you can race, shoot, fly, build anything, its your world-ish.

The bad news- This game fucking blows cock so hard it lost all its teeth and choked and fucking DIED on them as they got lodged in its throat.

I regress, the flaws of this game are as such - The world looks like horse shit, dont think that the game looks NEARLY as pretty as the screenshots show you, it just fucking doesnt. The loading time is fucked up, when you teleport into an area of this massive “world” (you can freely teleport anywhere just by pointing to a place on your map and clicking “teleport”) everything is unloaded. You can walk around as shit appears, and the problem is, you could very well teleport yourself INSIDE an object before it appears and thus have trapped yourself. The game was so insanely laggy for a market “MMO-thing” that I dont know HOW people can play it. My computer can handle Doom 3 in medium settings yet this game is FUCKING bad on its lowest.

Final Part- The character models look like crap. I spent about 1 hour TRYING MY DAMN HARDEST to mold this lump of ass that was the default character into an semi-attractive person. The end result was that I settled for that guy from the goonies, “Heeeey yoooou guuuuuys!”. Frank maybe? I dont remember.

Either way, I only played it for one day before canceling my FREE TRIAL.

Graphics- The game looks like shit, theres not much else to say about that.

Sound- You can upload music of your choice (for an IN GAME fee) that you can assign to stream from an object you create, like a boombox. The end result is that when people walk by your object, they will hear the music you wanted to share with the world. Which is pretty badass.

Gameplay- You can do anything. That sounds really cool at first yeah? Well, with having that much freedom and having no real sense of purpose makes the game almost pointless. While it was neat to ride around in vehicles for a while, Flying (which you can innately do) is faster and easier to controll, thus making one portion of the games “big selling points” useless. For those of you searching for combat… Be warry, there are only 3 sims (that I found or people knew of) where you could actually do “combat”. The game is social based, but people dont really talk unless they are showing off some crazy thing they made.

Replay Value- If you can handle to do this sort of thing for more than a day then you are either insane or just very patient. End result being that this game just has NO lasting appeal after youve seen or done each of the “big picture” things to do, IE- create, fly, drive, dance whatnot.

Second Life:
Graphics: 1/10
Sound: 4/10
Gameplay: 5/10
Replay Value: 2/10

Final Score for Second Life: 3/10 (not based on an average of above scores)
The game itself is a REALLY FUCKING GREAT IDEA, but it was put togather by a team of people who just dont know what they are doing. The game has alot and I mean ALOT of potential in concept and I’d very much like to see a real game company pick it up. But as it is, its no better than that film that forms over your milk when it sets out for 4 days.


I love the fact that it’s a seven-day free trial that takes your credit details BEFORE it lets you play. Asses.

But they dont charge you if you cancel before the trial expires. Thus its fine, most even EQ and FFXI do that when you create your account. Infact… they all do. This one just happens to have a free download.

That’s a good point. However, I still need to GIVE them said information in the first place, which kinda makes me itchy if I know I’m never going to pay for it. :\

I feel the same way, when I gave my CC number I thought, hey its ok, when I cancel it wont be in thier records anymore… But no, they keep it on file incase you decide to join up again… >_> so Im emailing them to take my CCnumber out of their records

I played for a day or two… Yeah, it’s an awesome concept…
It’s kinda sad, but I think I preferred Furcadia, which I played when I was younger… shrug