Second Game! (Not Elfmo II, shut up!)

Yeah, I’m finished (and by finished I mean I will put no further effort into this project).

Alright! This should work, because it worked on my crappy PC which has never had a compilier installed on it. The problem involved a installer making program that sucked, and me finding a new one that didn’t.

[The Return of Vagnus]( Return of Vagnus.exe)

A few notes I forgot to include:
[STRIKE]- The fighter minigame is insanely fast, and I forgot to change it to a slower speed before I uploaded a 33 meg file. On the plus side, it proves that our semi-fuzzy logic type system works.[/STRIKE]

  • I stayed far away from the storyline and characters, so… yeah… It was also written by the guy that flaked out on us.
  • Some of the attacking animations just look… weird… This is because of offset problems or something. Anyway, they jump around a bit and are sometimes drawn at the incorrect position.
  • If you load “LOAD”, it has a party with all the special characters, those being the Ninja, the Summoner, and the Pikeman. The stats of that save file are ridiculous as we used it for demo purposes.
  • The core DirectX dlls you should need are included, but if you for some reason need a dll that isn’t there because you have a mega old version of DirectX or something, just ask me for it. I’ll have it some where on my system.
  • I don’t think we balanced it as well as we should have, it’s not hard for the enemies to totally rape your party.
  • Due to last minute saving and loading issues, when a character dies, they’re dead for good. That’s really not what we wanted, we just wanted them to not gain exp for that fight if you win.
  • The ? key brings up the help screen in the Level Editor.
  • Read the readme.txt.

I refuse to play any game that is not Elfmo.

lol why not look at trt, it much better

Epic threatened to hurt me if I didnt :frowning: The game sounds nice, but I haven’t actually installed it yet. Ill get back to you on the content stuff. Keep on trucking!
-The rarely posting Ackbar

This game would sell better if you renamed it Elfmo Tactics and replaced some of the characters with Elfmo characters.

Alright, it should totally run now unless your computer hates DirectX with the firey passion of 1,000 suns.

I find it amusing how one of the random names for the Mage is Raymond, and has the Erk portrait.

Yeah, I noticed that too. The names are randomized based off a list of the students in my class, which was slightly annoying as there were only two females. Ironically, the Raymond the game is taking the name from is really nerdy and annoying.

:\ i still get the same “failed to create D3D device/failed to load texture error” as i got on the first one. It makes it into main(), plays the music, then dies.

Nice music, btw.

It, uh, died on me at one point.

Yeah, it really is easy for the enemies to steamroller you.

-You should’ve called it Elfmo tactics
-You should’ve had a tutorial on the game dynamics
-The archer is essentially unusable
-I hate how my mage can’t target from behind the lines
-The music sounds familiar…where is it from?
-Why does it take so fucking long for each character to do an attack? You’re a gamer, you’ve most likely played FF7 and 8. KotR, GF’s , HELLO??

The answers to all those questions can be answered by “We had time restraints, and it was due Yesterday.”

And SG wrote the music.

Seconded, provided that they were optional.


Okay two complaints here:

  1. That archer game is hella tough…the rest of the minigames are slow. I know the game sucks, but this one is YOUR department…you shoulda made them faster or something. :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. …You guys used what I submitted for the final boss theme as the THIRD level. I mean…really. If you had used it for the first level, it would have been at least funny, but the third level? WTF dude. :stuck_out_tongue:

…Oh, and

  1. You have to make a good tactics game now, based on Elfmo. :stuck_out_tongue:

Emphasis on good and Elfmo.

The guy who put the music in musta done them wrong, I apoligize, I didn’t have time to double check barely anything. The minigames are slow because it’s running a debug mode exe and not release, because stuff wasn’t working in when we built in release mode. As for it not being very good, I really can’t argue, but for a two month project with a large number of issues (and all-nighters), it’s something.

Thanks, thanks for the constructive remarks 984. Serious.

I get a D3D initialization error x99999999999

Yeah, you should, like, use Game Maker or something. Not that this will actually help many of the errors, but at least then you’ll be able to say “I didn’t do it, it’s not my fault!”

EDIT: Also, I’m curious as to why, in a tactics game, which is a byword for being able to sit staring at the screen for several minutes before taking action, you decided to forego a randomized “stats”-based hit-and-miss system, and instead used an “excessive-reflexes minigame” system that the players almost never get right and the enemies never get wrong?

Yeah, and then he could also fail his class. Sounds like a great idea.