searching for pumice

in final fantasy 9 you need to get 2 pumice peices in order to summon ark. I was able to find one of the peices but I cant find the other could someone tell me where there located? :moogle:

One of them you get after fighting Ark in Oeilvert, the other one is in the “Outer Island 2” Chocograph treasure. Or just beat Ozma to get the full Pumice (He’s a pansy when you know how to do it).

But don’t waste your time. Just Synth some Garnets in Daguerreo until you have 99 and Bahamut should do about 9900 damage points. Believe me, Ark is just not worth it.

where and when do I fight ozma? :moogle:

Chocobo Air Garden. Just check the “rock” on the back and you’ll get the option to fight Ozma. You’ll need a Gold Chocobo for that though, so you can only do it after you get the Hilda Garde III.