Searching for a partner in crime

Greetings all!

I’m planning on shrining the game Phantasy Star Online Ep. 1&2

but unfoutunatly, I have no modem adaptor for my gamecube so I can’t access the online features of the game.

therefore, I need a partner with a PSO account that would be willing to help me shrine the game.

Please list your Character’s level and any in-game achevments that you think I may want to know when applying

O_o so wait, your wanting to make a shrine to the game, but you want to get online to do it? What are you talking about? Its cheaper and faster to make a shrine via a geocities account or somthing… lol, then you wont need a partner.

It’s the game he can’t play online. He just needs someone to fill him in on what he’s missing.

I guess I just dont understand what he means when he says he wants to “shrine PSO”

edit Wait, I think I get it, hes wanting to make a shrine, but he needs to know about the online features that he is missing out on currently, so that the shrine can be complete with all the correct information… ahhh… I guess I’m just slow today.

Edit: Yeah, exactly. :slight_smile:

yeah what he said, and now that you all understand…any applicants?

I really suggest against shrining the game unless you have online access yourself. It is quite, quite massive, and you’d need to accomodate to every online change/new quest/whatever that gets released. You’d basically let your partner do all the work while you sit on your ass and take credit :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT2: forget it, sorry, the PC one is something completely different. =.= sorry

/me idiot.

Reread his first message. He clearly says what version he is playing.

whisperIt’s the GC versionwhisper

I’d suggest making a shrine on a game you have full access to yourself. It just sounds more logical.

I can do all the offline work, and from what I hear, they don’t release new quests that often anymore…

The offline work isn’t nearly as much as the online work. You’d be doing about 15% of the shrine while your partner would be doing insane amounts of work. Of course it doesn’t matter that I post this since I’m apparently in your ignore although I’ve never even heard of you.

Quoted for measure then.

Of course, we can’t forget the title of the game…Phantasy Star ONLINE

I do what I can to make Jango happy >_>

They still release them. And have events based on the season (christmas, easter etc). What’s in the offline game is a lot, but it doesn’t even come CLOSE to all the shit that’s online. For instance, you’ll probably play through the entire game (easy to extreme or whatever) with one character. One Content ID. There are like 12 content IDs, and each one affects the item drops of every enemy in the game. So unless you rip off another site, you’ll never get all items listed. Let alone all the items with terrible drop rates.

Then there’s all the online quests. Even if there aren’t all that much new ones lately, there’s still a pretty big backlog of them. Oh, and patches also get released, which tweak gameplay aspects. If you can’t even go online once, you’re shrining the most outdated version.

There’s more, but I think you should get the idea by now.

alright ye of little faith and all Non-Belivers

since noone will apply I guess I’ll just let the thread die and come back with a better plan

how about your plan be to play a game that doesn’t SUCK!

no, PSO doesn’t suck, you do.

now let the thread die like a nice little boy

That’s the point, Charle’s not a nice little boy…