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I know this is a bit of a taboo subject amongst the general gaming community, but it’s news all the same, and may interest the small minority to whom it applies.

A new forum site has recently just been set up aimed at collector’s who prefer to collect factory sealed video-games, called TD HAS A VERY LARGE (French Connection United Kingdom! -Sin ), and has already so far been reported on by YourMother; MyMother; And also TheRestOfYourMothers

The forum features in-depth guides and discussions regarding sealed games from all regions, as well as useful information regarding what to look out for, as well as the differences between factory seals and reseals. It also has another section where members have posted pictures of their impressive sealed game collections for your viewing pleasure!

Even if you are not a fan of this unique collecting phenomenon, it may still fascinate you or even provide enlightenment!

so what do you think about this type of collecting?

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I see absolutely positively no point in collecting sealed games. They’re meant to be played, not looked at.

I can see the point, but I’d never do it. Like Cid said, video games are intended to be played.

Hmm, I wasn’t aware people did this. Reminds me of the comic collectors who always buy one mylar-bag sealed copy of every comic and hide them away thinking they will be worth lots of $$$ some day. While it’s true that comics from the 40’s and 50’s in perfect condition are worth in the tens of thousands of dollars to collectors, I don’t think this makes for a good investment. In fact, the trend caused a false boom during the 90’s, making it seem that many comics were being sold on the basis of how good they were rather than how much people though they might be worth. This was followed by a bust that nearly sunk the American Comics market.

Not to mention that it’s the very fact that very few Golden Age comics survived intact that makes them so valuable. 40 years from now we probably will still have hundreds of copies of “Death of Superman” still in good condition as opposed to the handful of the (million-dollars worth) Action Comics #1s.

I would regard such a “collector” as I would one who collects books without reading them.

I want to say it’s the same as sheet music is meant to be read and not played.

But some people do have their quirks.

My roomate has a lot of still-sealed games.

NiGHTs, for example.

He even owns a factory sealed NES package, the one with Mario/Duckhunt and all that jazz.

“We must try to understand the story behind these artifacts otherwise we are nothing more than mere collectors.”

I keep a sealed copy of any game that I worked as a developer, but I generally always get more then one copy for free.

I never keep games sealed unless I intend to resell them. They get opened, they get played (eventually). And I consider myself a fairly hardcore collector.


This is why I collect games as opposed to something like cards. You can actually play them. They don’t just sit there taking up space for no reason.

About the only things that would make a game worth not opening would be something like having the game box signed by a big named persona like Miyamoto or Amano, or else it being one of those pretentious limited edition games that only had like 5 cd prints and each costing more than an entirely new console.

But your goddamn sealed copy of FFVII isn’t going to be worth crap on Antiques Road Show 10 years from now.

That’s like buying an antique gun and not shooting even one guy with it.

You wouldn’t shoot an antique gun anyways since gunpowder doesn’t usually last that long and it’s most likely to misfire.

I certainly am a huge fan of collecting sealed objects!
Just a few moments ago I was admiring my [STRIKE]vinegar [/STRIKE]collection – a Chateau d’Yquem, a Chateau Margaux, my superb Chateau Lafitte– all still unsealed and glowing.

Antique guns look good and can be appreciated (by those who appreciate those things) even when they’re not being used. On the other hand, digital media can’t do jack squat unless it’s being utilized in a device that can read it. You might as well just keep the box and throw out the game.

The only reason I ever leave a game unopened is if I’m giving it to another person.

I don’t leave them unopened. Games take up too much space and cost to much to have an unopened copy. Maybe if I was rich and had a bunch of money and a big house, I’d buy one copy to play and another for collection, but that would be one big ass house and I’d have a shitload of money.

Game = play. That is all I shall say.

… cool, that rhymed

hmm or Game = collect ^^

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