Sea of LCL

According to Wikipedia

“A world in which there are no AT Fields, human consciousness is not divided between different bodies and the souls of all of humanity reside in a giant sea of primordial soup. The theoretical pinnacle of existence and ultimate goal of the Human Instrumentality Project.”

It might also be referred as the “primordial sea”

This is totally awesome. It’s perfect in a lot of ways. I can’t beleive Shinji wanted to have everything be back to normal in End of Evangelion

The only thing bad about it is it lacks individuality. People that lack individuality are mediocre. Look at those real-life sequences in the movie. Those were pretty disturbing

It’s menstrual fluid

Sure, if you want your being to dissapear and revert back to it’s primordial elements to fuse into a gargantuan creature meaning the end of human race as we know it. Sounds more like oblivion to me, I’d rather take the slow yet constant killing-ourselves process we’ve had going for the past few thousand years.

Should I even ask why was this brought up?

I just rented EoE

And render all human acheivement meaningless? Nah?

Also see: System Shock 2

Instrumentality is just a desire to return to the womb.

And the fact that Shinji fights to prevent that only adds to the irony.

I dreamed I saw Rei and Asuka. I wore a white shirt, and realized I was Shinji

the final scene of the show was rather dissapointing, but it wasn’t the ending . . rewatch the last two episode endings, you’ll like it better

What do you mean the “final scene” isn’t the ending?

I just rewatched the last two episodes. The ending was interesting and had a lot of depth, but the final scene did suck. Shinji made instrumentality stop. Sure, he felt like he solved something, but those sort of problems always come back

The instrumentality in the TV show slightly seemed like the real world. Maybe all these possibilities were ways to view the world

I could have sworn the final scene was everyone cuddled up together in a ball, to show there was no more AT fields

Hey all its been awhile.

basically the “End of Eva” was the director guys response to the the complaints he got over the original ending. so basically you can watch the whol series except the last 2 episodes and watch the movie thing istead or you can be a good person and watch what the director really wanted. I personally liked the original ending alot better.