SE and FF April Fool

I almost believed it :frowning:
If it’s too good to be true…
Hironobu Sakuguchi buys out Square-Enix, becomes new CEO

Quickly rehiring his gathered allies from Mist Walker, Hironobu has released a press release explaining his motives and goals for the company:

“Square Enix has gotten too far away from its original purpose. Far from being the vortex of creativity that it gained fame and prestige for, it has become a mechanical being. I could not stand by and allow this to happen. We are going to change the company back onto the correct track.”

Final Fantasy VII:EC Touching DS Soon

FFVII: EC will take place directly following the end of Final Fantasy VII. With Midgar destroyed and the world in shambles, Cloud must step up and help restore order to the chaotic land while another force is secretly engineering the virus that causes the Seikon-Shoukougun sickness in Advent Children.

Geesh, man… April 1st, you don’t believe NUTTIN’!

Well, we got AC, BC, CC, DC…

Advent Children
Before Crisis
Crisis Core
Dirge of Cerberus

Why not EC? It would be logical :wink:

That’s exactly what should have ticked you off -_-.

Part of me would love to believe that square enix would become a lourishing centre of inovation and imagination, another part abhors the idea of anothe ffVII. Nice april fool joke though.