SD needs to post here

C’mon SD. You need to post. POST!

Hm… free post?

I hate you zep. Really, go die.


Please close this now so we can all bask in SD’s new title without any interruptions. kthxbye

So not fair.


I’ve seen morbdly obese people in the military, I don’t know why they would not accept you SD.

They didn’t think his lips were purdy.

You’re not American, thats why. And all of you may thanks Zero for changing my title.

Yay zero! :slight_smile:

Don’t pick on fat people. 8)

<img src=“”> SD isn’t people.

Don’t feel bad, my brother can’t go into the Army either (unless they get really, really, really, really desperate), but I don’t understand why.

This is my poor atempt at consolation, so if this makes you feel worse, I am very sorry.

Really unnecessary.

Really funny.

Originally posted by Steve
Really funny.

Originally posted by Tenchimaru Draconis
<img src=“”> SD isn’t people.

Yes he is. I mean, he’s too fat for the Army. And I love the new avatar. :smiley:

I don’t know whether to laugh at SD’s title or go “…” at all the people laughing at him. So what if he didn’t get into the army?

He said it was funny.
(In a PM on IRC)