SD Gundam

Is now on Toonami, it’s pretty cool, all the Gundams are Chibi, and it’s cel shaded. One of the rare times I’ll watch Toonami haha, and I’m hoping they will release the series on DVD in America. Anyone else watching it?

I am thinking about checking it out, I like what they say about it. “Its your favourite gundams, fun size” That just good marketing.

I’ve always been a fan of Gundam, except Wing didn’t interest me, but all the other ones that acctually delt with Zeon and The Fed. I love it. I’m hoping this show will bring the SD Gundam Model kits to America :smiley:

The coming SD Gundam?
I only like the SD Gundam game.

Maybe I’ll have a try.

I have a Zaku, Gundam, and Wing Zero SD gundam model, can’t remember where I bought them. Yeah, the show looks cool though.

This sounds freaky o_O

Originally posted by Sephiroth Hayes
This sounds freaky o_O

I agree with you.

SD is for people who don’t know how to draw. >.>

SD = Small Deformed.

I can’t STAND SD, even comical SD drives me nuts sometimes…

Actually, the trouble is, I can’t THINK STRAIGHT when looking at SD characters… so shoot me. I’d rather have uber-exagerrated than SD anyday.

Too strange for me. I prefer Gundam 0083.