Scribblenauts (again)

Got it a few days ago (as a gift <3). Anybody else is playing? It sure makes me feel like I have a vocabulary of less than 150 words/objects. >.>;

I’ve been playing it a little bit, though the recent release of some nice JP games have got me distracted…(Pokemon HG/SS, SaGa 2)

I’ve had some fun experimenting around with the game though. Like one mission where you have to get this cat on top of a house to this little girl. Being creative, I stuck a dog on the roof to scare the cat off the house, only to have the cat get pissed off and attack the girl, only to subsequently get killed by her, failing the mission.

Anyways, according to some sources, there’s supposedly over 22,800+ words in the game. Though quite a few of those words produce the same thing, such as Nuke and Epic Fail (haha).

Also some bizzare stuff in there as well, such as Longcat, Ceiling Cat, Keyboard Cat, Rickroll, Posttwoseventeen (for the famous Post 217 on NeoGaf), and lots more.

I’ve been meaning to pick this up but I think I’ll wait. I already have half a dozen DS games that I haven’t beat yet, not to mention no time to play them with the classes I’m taking. It’s good to hear it’s living up to the hype.

The concept of this game is really intriguing, and so is the style…but I keep seeing and hearing about how you can beat almost every level with about two or three items. Knowing that sort of ruins the game for me.

You get “rewards” for not doing so and you also have a mode where you have to complete levels several times in a row using different objects.

I guess it becomes second nature to act on that. Like if you know Wings can get you to high places, you’ll likely use them every time you need to get up high.

As far as reviews goes, I’d say Gamespot’s review is pretty well spot-on about the various things with the game. (Shocking! One of the rare times I’d actually agree with one of their reviews.) Makes me wish they’d worked some better controls into the game. But it did give me the cool idea to give a bazooka to a elephant.

I’m dipping my toes in it. Fun so far, though the first levels are quite simple. Also Death>God>Devil.

I like any game in which I can use a vampire attacking a baby to finish a level. Having accomplished this in Scribblenauts, it is currently my favorite game and I have been playing a little too much.

The opening screen is awesome.

Might pick it up after I finish the increasingly tedious Kingdom Hearts for DS.

This was interesting, not really. ‘Yahtzee’ doesn’t really review games as much as he pisses on them.

Yahtzee’s tone is usually pretty rough, but he’s not off the mark on this one.

Agreed. I normally don’t watch Yahtzee because usually its just “here’s whats wrong with this game and I’m gonna bitch about it for 5 minutes.” As Sin said, Yahtzee isn’t far off on this one. Can’t count how many times I’ve failed a level because of poor movement =/

I honestly think that ZP reviews are more how reviews should be…or at least, they were for a while. I still think they’re mostly good, but some of them are just for the spectacle of berating a game, and those ones are, ironically, less funny to me.

The more the novelty wears off, the more inventive he has to be. Reviewing as entertainment - how do you like this double-edged sword I got for 100g?