Screw you guys

I’m going home!

(Actually, I really am going home, school’s out, it’s done, I’m free, see you all next year)


You don’t access the net from home? o_O

No. My parents live in the stone age. I’m also getting an apartment in a couple weeks, and I’ll probably be too lazy to set up internet.

I know the feeling
When I moved to my father’s appartement, I had to pay and setup my own computer, as well as the internet connection.
It was worth it

I have to pay for our families broadband, as it was my idea. I’d never go back though…

By the way Bookan, have you been reading one of the Wendys’ by any chance?:wink:

Awwww… now who will sell the stuff in your suicide- store? :frowning:

I’ m sure there will be no shortage of volunteers.:slight_smile:

Have a nice summer, Zepp!

: Mr. Waving Smilie says ‘Bye’, and thinks your parents needs to renew themselves and get in touch with the times.

I think that’s his way of telling you to buy a tv so he can steal it; make sure it’s a fifty inch plasma one.

I hope you don’t die of having no internet. It’s like air, ya know

and this is why, in a few years, my first couple weeks of living by myself are gonna SUCK!