Screenshots for NWN shrine

As my signature says, just recently I decided to take up the huge project of doing the Neverwinter Nights shrine, to include covering both expansions. I’ve never done anything to this sort before so I hope my occasional question doesn’t hurt. :hahaha;

Anyway, I just went through the entire prelude, writing notes and taking screenshots. Because of the interface, it’s hard to read anything on the screenshot. So I ended up making the ingame map as big as I possibly could. You still can’t see, in the smaller sized shot, where you are. So I marked it with a red asterisk – think these would work okay on a walkthrough? Any comments/suggestions appreciated.



Very nice. If you decide to pull through with this, I’m having your children. I mean it. You have a massive undertaking ahead of you, so that would rock. If I were you, I’d save the screenshots for more relevant things because if you do shots for every possible locus, you’ll burn yourself out (I know what its like having done the Lufia 2 shrine)

Punches Sin

BACK! She’s mine!

anyway, yeah, thats a hella shrine, but it looks like you know what you doing.

date plz.

Can’t a female post in this forum without being propositioned by fifty million people? :thud:

Oh- if you finish this shrine you officially rawk.

Sounds cool, good luck.

Yep, I’m just planning to take screenshots of important things that are not marked on the map or are hard to explain without a picture like puzzles and such.

Ah, and no worries. People are surprised by girl gamers not just here but everywhere, to include real life too. I find the reactions rather amusing sometimes.

Originally posted by Cybercompost
Can’t a female post in this forum without being propositioned by fifty million people? :thud:

You should know by now the answer to that is ‘hell no’.

And Jecca, you have guts. Good luck to you.

EDIT: Any relation to Baka-neko? Just a thought. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope, no relation. Jecca-neko is actually a real-life nickname. My name is Jessica and I like cats. Some people think I look like Rikku from FFX so… yeah. It’s weird but it stuck. :moogle:

You know what I don’t get? How all those trainers and stuff at the beginning of the game were killed by WEAK GOBLINS. I mean, those things had 2 hp! I was a level 1 cleric and kicked their asses!

Of course, this is just nitpicking.

Anyways, good luck with the shrine.

If you have more questions related to shrining, I recommend e-mailing,, or Hell just about any staff would do. And you can always keep posting here too! Good luck.