Screeching speaker

I have a 2 speaker + 1 subwoofer systerm. When one of the speakers is plugged into the back of the woofer, it makes a deafening screech. Anyone know why these things happen?

You have a banshee haunting the speaker in question. Call an exorcist immediately.

You know since you’re a mod, you shouldn’t make ice cube style comments when people have a genuine problem.

984 does that. It’s his thing.

But in response so you dont kill me, you need to give us more information so we can help, such as make/model of your stuff.

But have you tried your speakers plugged elsewhere, or other speakers plugged into your sub, so you can narrow the cause down between the two?

I have no other speakers to plug in the sub. There are only screeching when 1 is plugged in the sub. I tried plugging the speakers elsewhere. It screeches like hell if you turn them on and both are plugged in.

Maybe the speakers are too close to eachother, and causing feedback?

I’m not sure I would describe feedback as “screeching”. You’re connection wires may be bad. Or, it may actually be inside the speaker itself. Has it fallen or anything like that?

They haven’t fallen. I went on vacation. They were off. I came back. I hear this extremely loud noise.

I meant more along the lines of has the speaker ever fallen. How loud do you play your music?

I wish I knew the terminology, but speakers are funny because if anything misaligns at all they don’t work. Odds are they just went bad, something might have fallen out of place on the inside.

The speakers have never fallen. I bought them last summer. I didn’t use that speaker set frequently and when I did, not very loud.