Scratched discs...

My parents got a whole mess of CD-RWs; about a hundred total. Nice, right?

Well, I went to format one, so it could be read by all drives (for a school project). It didn’t work. I kept trying until I looked at the bottom of the discs. They were all scratched.

I didn’t check all 100, but a good portion of them were scratched beyond recognition. That really pissed me off. Has this ever happened to anyone else out here?

That hasn’t happened to me yet…but that REALLY sucks…

That does indeed suck, but I haven’t bought them to find them scratched. All I know is that those disc repairers are crap.

That hasen’t happend to me either. But if it does I will be quite mad… Sorry to hear that though.

One lesson: Don’t buy CDs by bulk at Costco. They get so beaten around that I once bought an entire 200 set of CD-Rs and most of them were cracked.

Fortunately I returned them within half an hour and was able to convince them that I wouldn’t be able to break that many in half an hour.

Dude, that totally sucks. I once bought a ten-pack of CDs that weren’t scratched (or at least showed no evidence of damage to the naked eye), but they wouldn’t work. They were just screwed up after I burned them (music would skip).


man, that really sucks, i feel for 'ya. i’m glad it has 2 me