Scott Pilgrim VS The World

I saw this movie this afternoon and it was hilarious! My geek meter was off the charts! There were so many video games references including (but not limited to): Final Fantasy (or RPGs in general), Space Invaders, Mario, etc. Go see it now!

FF reference? For reals? :o

Wha-hey, my interest in this movie just went up 75% :3

They actually play a rock version of the Final Fantasy II boss theme song and actually identify it by name. My all time favorite is the evil exes exploding into Canadian coins upon defeat.

The 8 bit Zelda sound effects are a nice touch too.

I’ve had Scott Pilgrim fever for weeks. Finally saw the movie a few nights back with an audience who reacted the same way to everything as I did. TOTAL nerd fest.

I can totally agree with the differences and changes needed to be made from comic to movie in order to fit in everything. However, I wish there was more ground covered on the third evil Ex and the band. The cyborg girl drummer was nowhere around. Sadness… Oh, and not enough Kim Pine.

Btw, has anyone played the game? Anamanaguchi did the entire soundtrack. :smiley:

I love the Maro game it is really fun for the whole family

god i read this post daily #1 best post ever ^^^^^^^^

Scott Pilgrim the Game: Sucks. Retro game that’s trying too hard to be retro and gets its humor for referencing other games. Blech.
Scott Pilgrim the Movie: Really good. Quirky action movie that moves at an extremely fast pace. Random humor, ‘irreverent’ although I hate using that word to describe things.
Scott Pilgrim the Comic: Really excellent. A lot more focus on everything that goes on in between the action. Characters are genuinely interesting, mostly because we get to actually see them interact. There’s video game humor but it’s more sophisticated than “Hey, remember this game? We played it too; isn’t that funny?!!?” Dig it.

Everything BahamutXero put in his “spoiler” was given away in everyone’s posts! LOL! …not that I care or anything (it was just kinda funny!)

Anyway, back on topic… I wasn’t a fan of the trailer, nor the plot… however looking at everyone’s reviews about it …i might consider renting it… or at the very least downloading it.

It’s the only movie that has come out this year that I intend to buy the DVD for when it comes out. Now that I think about it, it will be the first Blueray DVD I’ve ever bought.

I thoght people were picky about spoilers, so I tagged them. Aparently everyone has become spoilerproof like Wil and I.

Now you can finally use that PS3 of yours.

Just saw the movie and it proved males are perfectly capable of multiple nerdgasms in a row.

In other word: