Scorsese gets an Oscar...

Here. The academy is trying to make up for so many lost opportunities. And sooner or later some idiot will begin an article with “Oscar award winner Martin Scorsese…”, thinking an oscar adds glamour :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. After Hours FTW

Oscar history is full of blatant neglects, and even some people whose artistic achievements were only recognized posthumously. At least Scorcese got one while he was still alive!

That said, I found it funny how George Lucas was “teased” about never winning an Oscar for Best Director.

In general, I wasn’t much impressed by this year’s Oscars. There were some funny moments, like Jack Black singing about how comedies never win. And those acrobatic shadow-plays were cool!

Ellen Degeneres, however, was too low-key to be a Oscar Host. Just like I expected her to be. And her jokes fell flatter than pancakes. Really, they need to stop using comedians as hosts and bring in more dynamic or dignified people.

And Cars was robbed! It SO was a much better animated movie than Happy Feet! :stuck_out_tongue:

Pan’s Labyrinth was ROBBED. >:(

Scorsese should have at least three Oscars by this point.

The funniest part was when the orchestra cut off Gore just as he was going to make his ‘announcement’.

984: The foreign film category is selected by a small committee instead of the entire academy, which is why the highly popular pan’s labyrinth didn’t win best picutre.

I know how Foreign is chosen. I didn’t say what Pan’s got robbed of anyway. >.>

Well, I didn’t know it at the time, and was shocked at first. But I went and saw the movie that did won and I think its a little better than Pan’s Labyrinth.

What do you think it was robbed, of? Best screenplay?

Yeah. Go Martin!
Not too long ago, I was watching Taxi Driver for the Nth time, and loving that film more and more. Finally, after five nominations, the Academy paid tribute to one of the best film directors.

I think that nobody can match Billy Crystal’s brilliance as the Oscars host.

Al Gore’s ”announcement” was definitely one of the highlights of the gala.

I didn’t like The Lives of Others as much. Though, it did feel like more of an Oscar film than Pan’s, if that makes any sense.

But yeah. I thought Pan’s deserved Best Foreign, Original Screenplay, and Score. I’m not totally sold on it deserving Cinematography over Children of Men though. It definitely deserved Original Screenplay over Little Miss Sunshine; I honestly see nothing good about that film.

Yes, Little Miss Sunshine was the over-ratedest movie I’d seen since either Donnie Darko or Garden State. Also, remember that Lucas didn’t direct Empire Strikes Back or Return of the Jedi. Taxi Driver lost best picture to Rocky…

I liked the departed
you can all suck it >:(

Pan’s deserved a Violence award.

I must agree, 984, Pan’s Labyrinth was quite possibly the best film among those movies. Of course, I don’t take much stock in Oscars. It’s just another dick-sucking contest.

While I was watchign Little Miss Sunshine, I thought that it was a nice movie, but it reminded me a lot of National Lampoon’s Vacation. SO yeah, it wasn’t anything special, didn’t deserve an oscar.

A small side note: Whenever I read this thread title, I read it as Sorcerer gets an Oscar.

Oh, I loved the Departed too and thought it was the best of all Best Picture nominations(and I saw three of them). Its just that Scorsese’s truly groundbreaking work was snubbed repeatedly by the Academy. But what the Departed did demonstrate is that Scorsese is able to effortlessly make these kinds of powerful movies in a way no other director can.

Letters from Iwo Jima was boring and unemotional. And Babel was cliched - it was like Crash, Part II, and I didn’t really understand the point of the movie. We’re all connected… ooooh, deep.

In conclusion, the Academy members are all a bunch of flakes.

Yeah, I dissagreed with some of the winners too. Particularly with Pan’s Labyrinth, but you’ve said basically what I was thinking already.

And the shadow thing WAS cool. :smiley:

I wouldn’t say Scorsese’s early movies are “ground-breaking”. There is nothing revolutionary about Mean Streets, Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, etc. They are simply well crafted stories expressed though mastery of the cinema. Scorsese if anything is a classicist. But this is not to demean him (if there are those among us with such an inclination), he is one of my favorite directors ever.

To hammer Little Miss Sundance again: The entire concept of the story is screenwriter’s short hand, to the degree that the Hollywood screenwriters’ guild should just replace their handbook with the script of the movie. Every character is a stock character and the movie is completely predictable from beginning to end. I thought these kinds of movies went out of style in 2003. Perhaps I am too much of a square to appreciate the ironic acheivement of actually executing such a composition. It’s almost as if someone were to write their name on a bathroom urinal and present it as art.

Some of his stuff is groundbreaking. I think Goodfellas in particular completely redefined the way “cops and robbers” movies are handled.

Hey, man, Marcel Duchamp was awesome. Or should I say R. Mutt…

I didn’t watch these awards but Pan’s Labyrinth is probably one of the best movies I’ve seen in theatres recently. Movies of pure entertainment aside of course.

i don’t care about the oscars. i’m not even going to capitalize, thats how little i care.

And spawn idiots, sponsored for things that are more modern (sometimes they don’t even manage that) and less art, swap semantics and “intention of the artist” for pleasure and trace their glorious heritage all the way back to Marcel Duchamp. “Simple” paintings like Lucian Freud’s are more revolutionary nowadays. /rant mode off