Scomonie bomble

Hello! This is my, Hi and welcome me, I’m new to the boards thing, that I never got around to doing!




Yo again.

Have a sugar-coated Elbow Strike, Chop xx KS for your troubles.

throws Izlude into the Pit of the ToB

hey i know you, your that guy who posts here!

HAve a goot day

Brainwashes Izlude1984, lets him live for a year or so, and then kills him secretely

Hi, welcome, and stuffs :stuck_out_tongue:

summons the GDI Ion Cannon

I’ll be nice and not summon another, since you actually post here.

Hello Izlude1<font size=79>984</font>

I don’t say welcome because you aren’t new here.So…have a nice day.

Charle’s revealed the secret.


Yeah uh, just go with the floating vending machine monks for now dude. And welcome. :stuck_out_tongue: