I don’t mean to be rude but, WTF?

I know that there are some out-there beliefs of how earth and humanity came to be, and I am in no way trying to be the damper on religion but…I am at a loss for words. Ever since Tom Cruise has been excessively public about his religious beliefs, I’ve heard the word Scientology thrown around, and out of interest, I wiki-ed it.

I honestly don’t know what to think…evil galactic forces? Hydrogen bombs?

I think it’s a joke that got a little out of hand

I don’t know WHAT the crap this is.

My parents are both scientologist, and many of their friends and mine are too, but I’ve never even heard of this. WTF indeed. o_O

I don’t know either o.o My apologies to you, GG, if you think that my thread was a direct attempt to insult those who believe in scientology, but this what I’ve read and it’s a bit astonishing! I guess like most other religions, there are those who can be divided over the same core belief…or something.

I’m reading some quotes from the guy who created the whole thing and he sounds a bit loose…what are some thoughts from people who <i>really</i>know their stuff around here when it comes to beliefs, religion, philosophy and whatnot?

I do know one thing about it, and that it costs A LOT of money to get started in Scientology, there are a lot of books to buy and seminars to go to I think.

The people who used to be in my house were Scientologists. 20 years later, we’re still getting their bloody mailing lists. -_- Anyway, from what I know, these guys do believe in aliens and other creepiness, and apparently there’s some kind of buzzer device they use in some capacity… really strange stuff.

If I ever started my own religion and gave it a history, I would at least make it sound more plausible. This sounds like something a college student would write for a creative writing class assignment that was due in two hours. :stuck_out_tongue:

I found a new religion. Thank you Eva.

Wait, you are saying this shit is real? Like an actual thing people believe in? Well… really, I’ve heard of people believing stupid stuff before so it’s not that big of a shock, but I honetly thought this was just a common Internet joke that I still couldn’t understand…


No offense taken. I’ll say it again: I’ve grown up around scientologist people, and I’ve never heard any of this crap. I’ll ask about it later.

The thing about Scientology is that it’s completely invalid. It’s the only religion that is absolutely 100% manufactured from nothing. You can’t even call it a religion. Scientology is an anthology of fictional mythology.

I don’t know if BMO was serious, but he was correct. Scientology is a joke that got out of hand and it’s believers are all comedians or delirious movie stars.

I know a guy that actually does believe this. He even drinks like this special Scientoligist soap stuff to like exorsice the demons or something.

Holy crap, that’s the most awesome thing ever :stuck_out_tongue:

Frame…that’s fucking hilarious XD

He also swears that Costco muffins have anti-freeze in them and that he knew this because the other Scientologists did a study or something.


Hades is completely and entirely correct.

Read this site, it’s fascinating.

People actually believe that crap?

This explains it all. There’s nothing religious about it. It’s a goal-oriented business endeavor.

Edit: I meant the opening quote. The article is just sensationalism and hard to take seriously.

I want to be famous.

Celebrities such as Cruise, Lisa Marie Presley, Kirstie Alley, John Travolta and Jenna Elfman are drawn to the religion because they’re looking for a mental edge in a competitive world, Shuck says.

The fact that Travolta credits Scientology with the success of his career since the days of Welcome Back, Kotter can be an irresistible endorsement for other celebrities.

“It makes it into a chic religion just like Madonna has done with aspects of cabalism,” Shuck says.

Someone has clearly read too many bad sci-fi novels and apparantly has a really odd way of going about crying for help.