Science is beautiful

I like the second prize one.

‘Driven’ and ‘Wake of a Pitching Plate’ are neat looking.

I’ve seen a lot better in microscopy and immunofluorescence.

Some are nice; most are garbage with as much in common with art as, well, garbage.

I saw a painting called Garbage Pile.

I like the second prize on too. Now some of theym are ok, but i dont like the majority of them.

Art is weird:
Voice of Fire

Within 72 hours of the National Gallery of Canada reporting that it had purchased Voice of Fire, a huge abstract painting by American artist Barnett Newman for $1.76 million, the media, the public and the government went ballistic.

Steve likes the fallopian.

This probably sounds weird, but ‘Fallopian’ actually looks pretty cool… for as the spot it is… but it looks cool, like the inside of a stomach… or what it would be like to punch a cow in the head…

But apart from that…
<ul>Horsehead Nebula
Transgenic Neural Stem Cells
Purkinje Neurons</ul>
The list goes on…