Schwarzenegger to Return for T5!

I must say I have been somewhat of a fan of the Terminator series (although I still haven’t seen Terminator Salvation) but the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger is planning on returning to the big screen for the fifth installment is kind of cool! :stuck_out_tongue:

However, you gotta admit… he is getting kind of old too… :confused: Who knows?


What are your opinions about this?

Remember when he returned for Terminator 3? Remember how much terminator 3 sucked ass?

Wait. There’s a Terminator 4?

Dude, it came out on PS2.

I believe T4 was just Salvation… not technically called T4 or anything.

Apparently Arnold’s crusade to protect children from violent media stops when he’s making money directly off of it.

I can only picture it being a longer version of the Sarah Conner Chronicles episode where they were making the Terminator Cameron by capturing and analyzing a real girl. Then they extend it by having the resistance capture the Arnold Terminator and make it work for them.

I stopped paying attention to the Terminator series after the second one. Once it was out of the hands of the guy who invented it, it went to shit :confused:

How would you know if it went to shit if you haven’t watched any of it?

A Terminator actor came back from the future and told him.

I watched the third movie, and read up on later releases- which seems to be mostly throwaway mindless entertainment, from what I can tell.

Terminator 3 was the termination of the series.

I can only imagine this one. “I’m the mud-da-fuck-n tour-me-nate-or …eet shit yoo ass hole.” explosions “I’ll be back.” explosions “FUck you.” explosions The end. $15 a ticket.

I like the one that a friend of mine came up with, and posted on another forum.

I’d have killed to see Edward Furlong reprise his role. Once that didn’t happen, I decided to let it die. I wants the Furlong. American History X…drool

At this point, we’ve basically hit Highlander levels of flogging a dead franchise.

History has been proven unchangeable, they’re down to Arnold and John as far as recurring characters are concerned, the series already has it’s own Duncan in the form of that Terminator Chick from SCC, and all we need is for said Terminator Chick to take over the protagonist role from Arnold in the movies and a few animes that has nothing to do with what’s going on and we’re set.

Hm…I might have to watch the TV show just to know what you’re talking about.