Schoooool's out for 2 Weeks!

Yeah… so I got this week off of school 'cos I got sick on Friday, and had to wait for blood test results, until Thursday! And it ended up that the test returned positive for pertussis (whooping cough is a misname). A thing’s been going around recently.
But on top of that, because my school doesn’t want to spread it over camp, I don’t go next week either! Which seems to leave me with a nice big hole to do stuff in. And seeing that I really can’t feel anything at the moment, not in the least.
Hm… yes.


Yay for precautionary action!

Yay for make up work! Two weeks’ worth! enjoys raining on parades

Nothing like a good quarantine, yessir.

Do you go to a year round school?

Hah, I’ve already been out two months.

Year-round? Nah… we have 4 terms.

  • now being 11 weeks, gah :0

Been off for two months, have two months to go. I love my country’s educational system.

Yeah seriously, I’m more inclined to say that sucks. I’ve been out since late April, and won’t start again till September.