Schools don’t impregnate children.

Teen pregnancies on the rise; TV and videogames blamed.

Did you even read that artice? No where did it directly blame either, all it did was mention possible “suspects” that could be the cause.

Suspects range from movies, TV and video games to lazy parents and lax discipline. Only one thing is sure: Schools don’t impregnate children.

I still don’t get the logic, except for lax discipline. Why the other factors would increase teen pregnancies is beyond me. oO

They are whores. It is really as simple as that. Boys and girls for that matter. If they can’t be responsible enough to use a fucking condom or take a morning after pill, they deserve their factory jobs and early deaths.


You’re just biased because you live the life of a non-breeder. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, those “factory jobs” require more than high-school. The low-end is more like fast-food/retail now. pokes Eden I wasn’t under the impression that you were that old.

'Course, I could be wrong, but…

I can agree with you, but I really, really think that we should, you know, have decent sex ed in our schools instead of the “if you’re not abstinent, you’ll be pregnant and dead in a year from AIDS!” programs some want to push.

I’m aware of this. I was just bringing to attention that they were suspects period, which is quite bizzare in itself, if you ask me.

MAYBE! :stuck_out_tongue: I just don’t remember a single preggo girl at my Highschool.

Sorry, I didn’t know Factory jobs needed post-secondary. >.>; I am NOT old, geez. I just expect them to die in like, a train-dancing accident.


Which is kinda ironic, really, considering that you’d think video games would have the opposite effect.

I think videogames were up there because of Leisure Suit Larry and the hidden scenes in GTA:SA . They just want to kick 'em while they’re down.

That article just seems a little biased towards the side of the school. “Everything else is causing problems and we’re getting stuck with them”. Look at the stats. That county has a higher teen birth rate than most other places. Could it be that the sex-ed program in that area isn’t up to par?

Heh, the only girls that get pregnant at my school are in the “wankster” crowd. And those people are just, umm… something else.

Though, the sex ed at my school doesn’t seem to use the “abstain or die” method some of you are talking about.

Move to Kentucky. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder how many actual “dads” there are.

Gimme a minute to put on my +5 Skull Cap of the Satan.

Okay, what you’re speaking of, sex education that acutally educates children about sex, will never happen. The sex ed program of any school you care to mention is there for the protection of the institution, not the individual.

For another example, look at the No Tolerance policies that so many schools have with regard to violence; the only way you can stay at school is to be a “model victim” and just lay there and take it.

Sex ed programs are a school system’s response to demands from parents that the school do their job for them. Don’t expect the school to do anything but cover it’s own ass.

People are under the impression that, since everyone used to wait for marriage to have sex, they didn’t have sex till their late twenties; but the fact is, it used to be normal for males to marry in late teens or very early 20’s, and women as low as 15 or 16. The current situation forces us to suppress an urge very unnaturally. Old people say we have “lax morals” and blame our entertainment, but if they’d been forced to wait as long as us to marry, they’d have done the same.

A condom breaking is one thing, but anyone who has sex WITHOUT protection is just asking for it. I’m just keeping my pants buttoned until college, personally. >.> I’d go on but I’d be mimicking Eden.

Yeah, no problem there, huh?

Man, this article makes ohio look even worse. My mom told me about this the other day, and I remember there being 2 girls at the most at my school that were pregnant. One was a senior, the other a freshman.

School doesn’t impregnate children, children impregnate children. :stuck_out_tongue:

Blaming Sex Ed for anything is pretty much like screaming at someone who offered to give you a hand. Teaching kids that sex makes babies and that babies make a catastrophic mess is a job reserved for the parents. Then again, so is teaching your children that firing a 9mm trough someone’s skull is bad, and yet they are looking for scapegoats in that case too.

There is one girl who is a mother in my school, as a matter of fact she is my classmate. I haven’t asked how that happened because it’s really none of my business, but the school was extremely supportive with her and her studies (Which she somehow managed to not fall too behind with). She’s coming to class almost every day, even though she had the baby in June this year, and I get along pretty well with the father. I was pretty surprised when I asked him ho he felt and he replied something like (translation and foggy memory notwithstanding) “Well, I messed up. Life goes on so I’ll just do the best I can”. Quite touching, and the baby girl is really pretty too.

It’s not really that big a mystery as to what causes high rates of teen-pregnancy. Scientific studies have proven poverty be far and away the biggest reason. What’s happenening in Canton isn’t a “sign of the moral decadence and decay propogated by today’s parents and media,” it’s a sign that America’s poor economic preformance is beginning to rear its ugly head in life in America. Expect more of the same across America in the future.

I’m further bothered by the article’s motion that teen mothers are bad mothers - that’s just a flat out lie. A woman’s age doesn’t affect her motherly instincts. Just because a girl is under 19 when she has her baby doesn’t mean that she’s going to conspire against her kid. On the contrary, teen mothers are usually adament about seeing their children suceed and education becomes a very important aspect in their parenting.

This article is poorly written, poorly researched, <EM>definately</EM> not unbiast, and strongly suggests that the writer has alterior reasons for writing this article.