Alright… so I got home this afternoon and looked through the mail. Junk, Bill, Junk and more Junk, Two letters from the art magzine place, and… a scholarship?! Sure, National Honor’s Society is something but… this is the second one this year! O_O But… I’m afraid I don’t know this one… on the front it says something along the lines of “Who’s Who Among American Students.”

So, mind telling me who these people are? Are they stalkers? >> <.< Are they aliens from another planet? pokes letter

Its shit. They just want your money.

Ooh… okay.

Do you want to enlarge your penis? No? Well, same deal here.

Why would someone send you this?16 and still getting collage scholarships?You must be really smart.

Yeah, it’s a scam, me and my friends got those all the time before I graduated.

If you’re interested in that then I know of a small Nigerian exile who could really use your help.

I should be able to help once this arabian heir to the throne shares his $50m fortune with me.

No, I’m as stupid as hell. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys… I guess?

Don’t worry about it, C. Most people fall for tricks like that (at least until they ask about them, like you did.)

good thing I did. ^^;; I’ve never heard of them but… it just made me a little suspious.

I think I got those every year of high school… total scamming.

It’s a friggin’ ripoff…they’ve been sending junkmail before the advent of modern desktop computers. Now, had it been an invite to a local reputable honors society that don’t make you pay to get in, that would be different.

Who’s Who is a bit of a scam, but the scholarship money if you win it is real. National Honor Roll and the like just want to sell your information that you send back. Your teachers nominate you for Who’s who and there’s no harm in filling out the application thing, just don’t bother buying the book they’re trying to sell you. It is free to fill out.

I got several of those when I was 10, and [strike]they got me to Georgetown, suckers[/strike] I wasn’t sure whether to take them as a compliment to my intelligence or not. Yeah, definitely a scam. Did they ask you for a money deposit or something?