School :(

I have to go to school tomorrow.

Anybody else? Come, let us gloat.

I’ve been going to Summer school for the last four weeks, and the next two as well.

Tomorrow? That’s crazy. I return to school on August 30th.

I think I return to school 3 weeks from now. I don’t have to go to school until Tuesday though because all the Freshies get to go and get used to the school all by themselves.

August 23. But I move to the city I’ll be studying in next Monday! Ahahaha!

September 7th.

Mmmm, no school for me. Just two jobs instead.
School sucked, but when you move into life, into your own place, with bills and all that, you’ll find new appreciation for school, and realize how easy it was in comparison.

My ninja training is relentless!

THat’s crazy. I can’t imagine going to school in the dead middle of summer. Much too hot and uncomfortable.

I go back September 2nd, a Friday, I think. That’s so fucking stupid. Only to get my schedule. it’s because we missed a dozen or more days this past year due to an incredibly rare hurricane and extremlely bad snowstorm that left school unable to be opened :smiley: It’s mandatory to have so many teaching days to be scheduled within a year, but I don’t see how a frigging half day on a Friday can attempt to make up for that.

EDIT: Oh yeah and when I go back I’m gonna have to do something about my noturnal tendencies. 3 AM is my regular bedtime currently, and it killed me this morning to wake up at 10 AM. I’m gonna have a hard time adjusting myself to get up at 7 AM…

September 7, I think.

October 4th.

In Paris.

God my wang is HUGE.

you’re an ass bite, pardon my french

I’ve been going tosummer school since May. My final is in 2 weeks. Then I start the regular year Sept.7 I think

i feel sorry for you
august 30th

August 16th

I started school last Wednesday. ;_;

I totally had my last (High) school-related thing last May XD

Of course, to go schoolin’ for more, I’d need something INTERESTING to study; No sense doing something you REALLY don’t like.

University starts August 12th.

I had 8 weeks of summer school, but summer school doesn’t count. We’re talking about school :stuck_out_tongue:

I went back to school on the 4th. :frowning:
I’ve already had 2 tests and a quiz.

University starts August 11 for me. :bowser: