It’s back and with a vengeance where I’m from.
I have to go back August 21st. Here’s my Schedule.

College Prep English 11
Study Hall (American Govt. second semester)
Spanish 4
Psychology (Computer Applications 3 second semester)
Psychology (Second part of the class… (Computer Applications 3 second semester))
French 1

I’m a junior this year, too.
Who here has their schedules they’d like to post?

First Period (Of three this year, nyaha):

5 hours each week until August 1st:

History: Economical History
History: Civics
Swedish: 6th Course… “Norden Runt”
English: 7th course… “Man and Nature”
Art Class: Movie course. Oh yeah.

S’more History, Swedish, German and Art in later courses… No more math/chem/physics/biology/geography… MWAHAHAH!!!

August 20th…

  1. W GEOG- P
  2. ENG I
  3. Tae Kwon Do
  5. ALG I- P
  6. Biology

I think most of the classes I’m in is honor’s… but I do know that some of them are pre ap classes. Sad to say I didn’t get art but I’m only a freshman.

I can’t remember it all too well… let me try to refresh it

Purple Days

US Government
Creative Writing (2nd semester off)

White Days

(1st semester off) Drama (2nd semester)
(block off all year)

our schedule is block scheduling… which basically you alternate days.

August 25th I’ll be going to community college part time on Tuesdays and Thursdays; forgot what’s when but it’s just in the afternoons and evenings.

My school starts the day after labor day.

We decide the class schedules later this month.

I start next monday. I hate all of you.


I’m probably going to spend the following year as an employed journalist and part-time student in journalism.

Needed some break from constant studying.

I haven’t got my schedule yet. I get it tomorrow. BTW, School starts for me on August 20.

Mine doesn’t start till September!

This thread was already done very recently.