August 11th. :expressionless:

When do you all go back -_-

Sept. 23. I want to go back on August 11, dammit… ;_;

Spet 23rd. Oh. Yeah_.

Been back at school for about…3 weeks :stuck_out_tongue:

First week of september. Personally, I’m looking foward to it as we start programming our game :smiley:

August 27.

August 11

Sept 3rd.

September 2nd.

August 25th I start attending community college early admit classes.

August 27th… I hate school. :fungah:

August 11th.


August 18.

September 2.


I still need to find out. I just know that they don’t start for at least 2 weeks minimum.

Been back at University for 3 weeks now, curse the Australian education system!

Come Now, West Side, You KNOW in your heart our Australian System, of having a huge ass break at X-mas instead, is far better :stuck_out_tongue:

<img src=“”> September 1st, but I started my break earlier than most of you, so haw.

Sept. 3.

I register a week after a bunch of you kids start class.


First week of September