Schade Deutschland alles ist vorbei!!!!!!


time for some soccer

Talk about a thriller evening…
Germany - Czech Republic 1-2
The Netherlands - Latvia 3-0

We owe you one Milan Baros (made the 1-2)

Quarter finals:

England - Portugal
France - Greece
day after tomorrow
the day after the day after tomorrow
Czech Republic - Denmark

anyone has predictions? these are mine

if I’m right we’ll meet England in the semi-finals and we’ll destroy the Czech Republic forever in the Final


Jesus, I don’t hear enough about this offline yet, now you need to ram it on the forums? Thanks a lot, really :stuck_out_tongue:

What? Football? Bah. The English flag is a football badge, it has nothing to do with the queen. This country sucks. I’m immigrating to a country with a crappier team, that the public hate.

You now see why my sprite/Avatar has a flag for the duration.

Big Nutter
Normal Avatar severices will be resumed shortly

I haven’t watched the recent games, but England X Portugal will probably be a tough match and I wouldn’t ignore France and Denmark, they could reach the finals too… by the way, is the Czech Republic team that good?

Auf wiedersehen Das Deutschland! :-p

…Gotta feel for the Italians, though. Score against Bulgaria, run onto the pitch screaming, thinking they’re in the QFs. 20 seconds later, Sweden score, and the Italians have all broken down in tears. Aww… diddums. :-p

Predictions: England 2-1 Portugal aet. Portugal are going to make life extremely difficult for us, and we’ll probably now go out in the SFs if we win as there’s no way Rooney’ll get out of this one without a booking.

France 3-0 Greece. This one’ll simply be no contest now that Henry’s hit form. Greece did great to knock out Spain, but France are simply a bridge too far.

Holland 3-2 Sweden. This’ll be a choice match, probably second best QF behind England/Portugal. Holland’ll simply be on fire up front, expect a brace from van the man, maybe another from Davids or someone like that. Larsson’ll be on form for Sweden, Ljungberg too, but that’ll be the lot from the Swedes this year.

Czechs 2-0 Danes. Tomasson may be on form, but the Czechs are simply incincible at the moment. Expect Nedved to steer the Czechs to another great win.

BTW avatar is former England Captain terry Butcher after his famous “pints of blood” game about 20 years ago (I forget who the opponents were). A truly great Englishman. :smiley:

My boss – a real life Dutchman immigrated to the U.S. and an avid soccer fan – seems to think the Czechs are going all the way. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to see them play yet.

I’ve seen a lot of the French, though, and I think they’re quite beatable. I’m 99% sure they’ll beat the Greeks, but I don’t expect it to be nearly as one sided as 3-0. I’m thinking 2-1, maybe 2-0, and the Greeks will be in it until late in the second half.

You know, something bad always seems to happen to the Azurri. :smiley: Not enough points to qualify for knockout phase even though they didn’t lose a game. 1-0-2? 5 pts? I’ve never seen that not be enough in this round robin format.

bastard shit-eating swiss refereeing twat! X-(

“Oh, England have scored a perfectly fine goal but John terry’s arm was draped over the Portugese goalie’s shoulder. That’s a foul. In fact, never mind the fact that the ball is in the back of the net and thusly out of play, I think I’ll allow the game to continue. That way, the game will be more exciting. No one cares about sportsmanship today anyway.”

Incidentally, even if England had won, I would still have called that Swiss dickhead a shit-eater. Only I would have done it with a sense of smug superiority. :frowning:

Not here too!
Make it go away!
Make the bad men stop!