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When someone kills other people because God told them, they’re either pulling the insanity defense, they’re unstable and/or schizophrenic. When we hear some guy murdered a bunch of people like the Son of Sam because “God told him to”, we think he’s a whacko and put him in jail. When we hear Osama bin Laden say he is on a mission from God to kill infidels, we think he has severe issues. And so when we hear Bush say the same in the link I’m referring to, in the BBC documentary that is going to be shown, why is it that we don’t all realize that he’s part of the same group? Because people are fucking stupid.

But George W. Bush must be good! He’s a Christian, after all!

not just any Christian, a born again Christian. Which if someone could define what that is, I would much appreciate that.

Wouldn’t be the first time a sovereign claimed to have devine connections. <font size=“1”>Emphasis on ‘sovereign’.</font> >.>

Wow. That’s fucked. I hope you people have fun with your president for the new few years! :no2:

Rove’s earpiece must have fallen out for a couple minutes.

Is anyone here surprised? No? Ok, now we can stop putting up these threads.

A born again Christian is someone that believes that if you accept Christ as your Lord and Savior and follow what the KJV Bible says, you will go to Heaven. If you don’t do this, then you’re going to Hell. Born again Christians typically have a problem with any non-protestant denomination and many protestent denomination Christians, as they are very much more radical. A good example of a born again Christian is Jack T. Chick, who is not only a born again but a conspiracy theorist. Fun.

There was an episode of Law & Order where a preist tried this defense. He didn’t win.

I’ll never forget about Bush being part of a society where they worshipped the devil. What was the name, Bone & Skull something? And he was a great leader within them.

And he’s doing a Holy War in the name of God, infidels! Can’t you see? ->

Skull and Bones is more of a fraternity than a secret society. There are numerous conspiracy theories about it, but they’re just a bunch of bullshit.

Well, as far as I know Born-Again Christendom is defined by the belief that one cannot enter heaven without accepting Jesus Christ, because if one could enter heaven without acknowledging His sacrifice, then it would be meaningless. It is also held to absolve you of your past sins, as you are unclean from birth (Original Sin).

Born-again Christians can really be of any denomination, apparently; it’s more about the conversion/cleansing experience, which is present in, I think, all forms of Christianity as one form of baptism or another. Most require water, it seems, while the denomination of this Korean lady who witnessed to me and Frameskip at a bus stop only required you to nod politely and repeat “amen” when prompted. <_<

It is not necessary that a Born-Again Christian believe, as Chick apparently does, that gays are possessed by demons or that Dungeons & Dragons is a recruiting tool for the devil. Such beliefs are a throwback to the Puritan doctrine that the Devil is waging a war against God (unlike in Judaism where he is the servant of God and the tester of Man’s faith) and requires hordes of converts to win.

Considering all that, I don’t think you can really hold up Jack Chick as representative of all “born-again” Christians, just those of a protestant denomination that promotes those other beliefs as well.

Back to the article (See!? I’m on topic!), I don’t know if we can assume that Bush truly believes that God appeared to him and told him explicitly, “Go thou into Afghanistan and get medieval in My mercy,” or a reasonable facsimile thereof. If he had said it during, say the State of the Union Address, then I’d definitely believe it (and the implications of what he says are very scary if he believes it). When you consider who he’s talking to, though, it suggests itself that he’s, “speaking there language,” and putting them at ease so they’ll be amenable to his suggestions.

I have to leave this terminal now. I guess I’ll come back to this later as I remember things I forgot to write the first time around.

Geez, weren’t the Blues Brothers the first nearly sane dudes “On a mission from God”?

Hey, just now I thought… Doesn’t it say somewhere in your constitution that the american people is the nation chosen by God to save the world or something like that? Because if it is so, then the line of thought being developed here reaches almost 300 million people =p

There is no mention whatsoever of any kind of Supreme Being in the Constitution. The Declaration speaks of Inalienable Rights endowed by our Creator as well as Nature’s God. The Articles of Confederation mentions the Great Governor of the World, but that was merely a prayer to grant some ambiguous good fortune on the republic. There is no mention of the American people being chosen to save the world.

My mistake then. I was thinking about the document that goes like “We are the people chosen by God(…)”. I think it was the pledge to the flag that’s been discussed in a few threads then, but if I’m wrong, correct me.

No. I’ve never heard of that in my life. The Pledge of Allegience goes like this:

I pledge allegiance
to the flag
of the United States of America
and to the Republic
for which it stands
one Nation
under God*
with liberty
and justice for all.

*Added in the 1950s so we could be distinguished between us and those GODLESS COMMIES! eyeroll

Sorry again then, I’m just making an ass of myself in this thread >_<

You thats what you call sane.

And go bush, I think he trying to outdo he previous stupidities.

born again by definition means that they have trusted Christ as their saviour and believe that he died to redeem them of their sins, believing that he rose again and is coming back.

EDIT: Oops. didn’t see other people’s explanations…

btw, you want scary words, my english teacher put a bunch on the board. things like diestablishmentarianism and flauccinocinihilipilification. those are some scary words.

double edit: >_>; i really should read the entire thread so i don’t have to do this…anyhoo, kraken, some demoniminations, specifically catholicism, though a few others REQUIRE baptism to be saved. for other demominations like my own, baptism signifies a second step in your faith.