Scary thing

i saw this.

“The National Guard takes this situation very seriously”

I love it how they make it sound like they are going out of their way to help people. Here’s the news people: This is YOUR fault!

“The safety of our people and the surrounding communities are our foremost concern.”

That’s funny, they don’t let you drive fast near schools but firing lethal weapons in the middle of the night is ok?

I blame the president


I blame you AND the terrorists.

i blame the school. it shouldnt have been on the shooting range




Keep the masses frightened and they will remain in your grasp.
I blame maxims.

He did not know what led to the school getting shot up

Maybe the pilot was just angry for be held back, while at the school.

actually i agree with this. there is a no fly zone here where i live, over all the schools for such a reason ( not that they do bombing runs, but more incase something breaks.)

is trying mybest not to laugh Gives a whole new definition to “school shootings”. I thought it was because some Gan shit went and did a drive-by at a school.

Man, shit gets worse every day. in another year, Bush will have given the rich more tax cuts, another 1000 americans will be dead, the war will still be ongoing, and an asthmatic pothead like me will get drafted and sent to die in this war.

Also yesterday, a grenade shell was found in Wrigley field. The person who found it said “It’s a dud, just like the Cubs were.”

Um…How can you realistically blame this on bush? You may not like the guy, but at least dont be freakin stupid.

I blame the school. The military was there before it was, they should have known things like this would happen.

That was my off topic rant. I think that the school and the military are equally to blame. luckily for the janitor, he wasn’t on the rooftop when it happened.

Lucky it was at night were there was no one at the time (hopefully there was no one) imagine if it was at morning or the afternoon.

if it happened during the day while kids were there half of the rest of the world would be going “now you know what it feels like”

Well at least no one was hurt.