Scary Disney

Isn’t it redundant at this point for Disney to want to be scary? With all the injuries they’ve been having over the past couple years, there are other places I know I’d rather go to :stuck_out_tongue:

California adventure? I thought they closed that down 'cause it was doing so horrible.

“Scary Disney” is an oxymoron, unless you’re a 3 year old who pissed their pants at the sight of the witch from Snow White.

Or you’re one of the many people to have gotten killed or injured on rides, like some of the folks on the big thunder mountain when it derailed.

Ok…that I never read about, I’m sorry. I do remember the people killed at Lake Compounce in CT. God that sucked.

No reason to be sorry. I just thought disney’s accidents were more publicized (though I do live near one since I’m 30 minutes south of Anaheim). They’ve had quite a few fatalities.

Yeah totally. My home state of CT went thru a media frenzy over Lake Compounce. And then there was that accident on the Superman Ride @ Six Flags in Agawam, MA (so close to CT).

Sin what is it with you reading UK newspapers, when you live in Amearica? No offence, If you want i send you The Times.

I thought their Best move in the last few years was doing Kingdom Hearts. Then geting Spirted Away then Orlando Bloom for Pirates of the Carabeian.

‘Disney’ ‘scary’ are rarely together. Not unless… it’s been posted.

About Amusment parks Accedents: I have Blackpool about 2 hours drive from me. They don’t have many accedents to report about.

I think he’s just browsing British news sites, as opposed to reading papers. Anyway didn’t blackpool have some kind of fatal accident with the rocket roller coster thing, I don’t remember properly.

As for this, I think many theme parks find that fear inducing rides and such are a good way to hook customers.

I don’t remeber it. I think it was several years ago, if it was.

Well at Blackpool there is a old lady who goes on everything in the Plesure Beach on a reagular basis. She own it.

Big Nutter

I didn’t know about any of it, but then again I don’t really pay that much attention to the news. I’m surprised the places haven’t been shut down yet.

I don’t go to rides in parks. I go shopping, sightseeing, show watching and go play videogames instead. When I want some real thrill I’ll go adventuring in the wilderness a few hundreds of miles away from the city. I don’t get how people may pump adrenaline from a ride if there is little to no risk involved (despite the historic of Disney’s fatalities). I need real risks to get adrenal.

You make a pretty valid point. Basic Training and AIT will be the thrill I’ll need for a while, except for the Drill SGTs yelling 24/7.

Why on earth would you want to take a ride to get scared?
Walk into downtown allyways in the middle of the night instead!

Cuz in that case, you aren’t moving really fast.