I just watched this movie, and I have to say, I am thoroughly unimpressed. This movie was not that good, and I have to wonder - what’s the big deal? I admit I went in with high expectations, and came out sorely dissapointed. What’s so special about this movie? It was pretty god damned boring for a mobster flick. People rant and rave about how wonderful this movie is, but what? What makes it so wonderful? It’s fucking boring okay? Okay you coacharoaches?

I guess it’s just a difference of opinion on it.

I’m one of those people who love it, hell, it’s my favorite movie. Al Pacino was just plain awesome in the movie. I loved how he mastered the accent.

Of course, Godfather is still the top mobster flick, but Scarface is a close second to it.

it’s a good rise-and-fall movie. But I think certain people can watch it and idolize Scarface, when in fact you’re really not supposed to. I think those people didn’t watch the last 15 minutes :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally, I quite liked the film. The storyline was decent enough, and the acting was great. It certainly wasn’t earth-shattering though. As a gangster flick, it’s nowhere near to being on a par with The Godfather.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone Sorc. I saw it with low expectations and came out with worse impressions.

It’s a lot like what Merlin said. I honestly don’t understand why people seem to want to fashion their lives after it, and it’s scary to me to know that those people exist. What’s so fucking super about being a damn gangster, anyway?

Anyway, I wasn’t really impressed either.

You didn’t find Scarface great?!?

I loved Scarface. In fact, it’s one of my favorite movies.


Oh, I think they did/do (after all, you can’t spit without hitting someone who can do the “Sey Helloh to mah leetle friend!” dialogue faithfully) but they just don’t seem to get it. The message, that is. Sure, there’s something admirable in his strength of will and willingness to make his own luck and brazen fearlessness of taking what he wants out of life, but the film makes pretty clear, I think, the dangers of letting that side of yourself get out of control because of how quickly that impulse can make you self-destructive, and everything can go wrong and you end up as this paranoid Stalin figure (or Castro figure, the very sort of man Tony Montana despises), whacking your closest friends (and most necessary/integral business partners) because you’ve gotten so greedy and used to “taking” that you “can’t trust them” anymore and have to get rid of them.

The whole point of the film is the rise and fall, and that as soon as he completes the rise he begins by his own nature to set up his fall (breaking Rule #2: “Don’t get High On Your Own Supply.”) The American dream gone wrong, a hollow parody of the American dream.

I think it’s done very well. Tragic flaw being the core of his rise but also, being who he is, destined to undo and destroy himself.

It is a very long film, though. 2 hours and 45 minutes. That can make it rather tough to sit through if you don’t find the moments of comedy comedic AND the moments of drama dramatic AND the moments of action exciting.

It’s also a memorable one-liner film. :smiley:

although to be fair to Mr. Scarface, what really got him in trouble was refusing to murder defenseless people (women and children namely). Not strictly his hubris.