Scanner problem

As I think I mentioned a while ago, my sister’s comp fried a few months back. We had to get the motherboard replaced, and all data was lost. (Thank goodness there was nothing important in it.) Since then, I’ve been reloading software in it. (But note that most of its basic programs were reinstalled by the people who fixed it.)

A few days ago, I made some cartoons that I wanted to show to you people, so I tried to use my sister’s scanner. I had to plug it in again (since my sis’ PC only has one port for add-ons- I had to unplug the printer.) However, I can’t get it to work- I can’t even FIND it in the menus! I expected that I would have to run the “New Hardware” wizard, since I doubt the old software for the scanner is still there, but it won’t open, either. Could it be the guys who reprogrammed it did NOT include it?? I thought those things came bundled in with Windows!

Or, maybe it’s the scanner that’s failing? Some months ago I tried to use it on my PC, but while my PC’s New Hardware program found it, it refused to work. Maybe it’s a driver program? Should I reload it?

If it’s the New Hardware program, should I reload it too? I assume Microsoft offers it for its clients, right?

Did you get a disc with your scanner? You probably don’t have the correct drivers. If you don’t, check on the site for your brand of scanner for updated drivers. Also, if you plug in your scanner and reboot, does Windows say something about having detected new hardware, or not? In other words, does it recognise the scanner?

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TD: If by “reboot” you mean “restart” (sorry, I’m still not up with the lingo, yo) then yes, and no, I don’t get a “hardware detected” message, that’s what worries me. The scanner did come with a disk but odds are my sister has misplaced it. However I know where the maker’s website is, so I can hopefully download the driver from there. If not I’ll google for it. Thanks.

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OK, after cajolin, kicking and threating the computer in various ways, I finally got it to realize it had “new hardware” connected. Then I went to the scanner’s maker’s website (ACER) and downloaded what was supposed to be the right driver (Prisa620P). However, it appears it was the wrong one, as the device manager said the ID numbers don’t match. (Flatscanner 11 vs Flatscanner 2). Could it be that this new driver is not compatible with older versions of Windows? (The PC originally had Windows 2000; after it was reprogrammed, it got Windows Me- I think.) I think this Driver is for XP. Should I look for an older version?

Figure out what OS (operating system) you have, then download the proper drivers. Most driver downloads say something about what OS they’re for. Make sure you get the model number of your scanner right, too.