SC Tournament: Game on!

So, we’ve gotten all of the shit together and after some wonderful consulting with the other people who wanted to get this together, we’ve got all the shit ready.

Round 1 was drew by KK4, Stimuli and myself. KK4 and Stimui picked numbers, and I had a list of numbers and names.

Round 1

Stimuli vs. KK4
Nero vs. Qpz4
Squeek vs. Sarun
Schweppes vs. Lep
Cala vs. Glenn
JDPro vs. Justin
Toasty vs. KageSHi

One loser will be placed against another loser to create an even ammount of battles. Both losers will be picked randomly. You can see this as a last chance to get through to Round 2.

Round 1

Nero and Justin vs. KK4 and schlock_rock
Stimuli and Whittal vs. JDpro and Pablo
Schweppes and Toasty vs. Fly and Hot
Qpz4 and Sarun vs. KageSHi and Nemo
Lep and Squeek vs. Cala and Glenn

(Luke, you and your friend don’t play in Round 1 – you got randomly selected to move on.)

Due to the numbers and bracket scheme we created, the doubles will end in a 2 v 2 v 2. This will be explained when we Round 2 arrives.

We wish for these games to be played by…

Wednesday 18th Feburary

Its up to you to organise a game, if you fail to organise a game by this date, you will both be eliminated, unless we are given a genuine reason why the game wasnt played. (Such as you trying to organise a game, but your opponent not organising.) We will however need proof of your reasons. Feel free to organise games by whatever means you wish. By RSM, or using the topic, or possibly an IM service.

These maps are allowed, all others are not.

Tarsonis Orbital
Crescent Moon [BW]
River Lethe [BW]
Snowbound [BW Ladder]
Rivalry [Ladder]
Remote Outpost [OldLadder]
Turtle Island [MOTW]
Frenzy [BW]
Mausoleum [BW]
High Noon [MOTW]
Watering Hole [MOTW]
Entanglement [BW]
Orbital Gully [BW]
Red Canyons [BW]

MOTW ones are Map of the Week, download them from Blizzard. BW is maps in Brood War. You and your partner can feel free to pick whatever of those maps you want.

Information Regarding Replays
Remember to save your replays, as we may put all the replays up for download, and possibly use them to check the game was played fairly.

What To Do Once You Have Won
Send an RSM to myself or Nero. The winner is to RSM us with either the word Win, and nothing more. We will collect the replays at a later date.

We hope you have a good time playing, and that you have a fun time. Feel free to ask any questions if I have made something unclear or have not explained something.

Last, I’m getting all of the wonderful information on how to contact each player here, so that you can contact your teammates / opponents to set up a game. Note that I’m only writing as much as I know.

AIM: Nerosan2k
MSN: Nerosan2k at hotmail dot com Dream_Thief

AIM: HolyThundercross
MSN: perfect_edge at hotmail dot com The_Gun

AIM: Jimmy Braces
MSN: thefallenone at ns dot sympatico dot ca Lord_Revelin

MSN: mr_chris02 at yahoo dot com KK4

AIM: Dyshein

AIM: PdPablo2345
MSN: perez_is_ultima at hotmail dot com

AIM: GMS972 pickpocket

MSN: chippin_around at hotmail dot com Stimuli

AIM: Oedipuz JDpro

AIM: OshondayTheGreat
MSN: leprechaun_ninja at hotmail dot com

AIM: Whittal2k
MSN: whittal at blueyonder dot co dot uk

AIM: Kage_Kami
MSN: krs_kagejedi at hotmail dot com Dragon_TalonX

AIM: Low brow schmuck

ICQ: 300053210

-luke skywalker-
MSN: han_solo987 at hotmail dot com

Email: qpz4 at hotmail dot com
ICQ: 23167889 Qpz4

Email: cala at nulani dot net E.vil

AIM: Nimbalisto Fly.Moto

AIM: Harryman1987 Hot.Soup

AIM: Duo0Maxwell14870

Email: squeekers59 at hotmail dot com
ICQ: 2147483647

I predict Qpz4 to be the winner :stuck_out_tongue:

I know none of these people, so I’m gonna vote for Nero by default. And because he plays GB. ;;>.>

Go Nero!:yipee:

Nah Cless pretty much summed it up. Qp mops everyone else.

Then again, I don’t know more than half the people there, but that’s really more of a reason to assume they suck :stuck_out_tongue:

didn’t know people were still in starcraft around here, maybe i should have gotten myself into that tournament as well

Um, if anyone wanted for later…

my Yahoo IM, which i use the most, is

and my AIM which i never use but you may get lucky on sometimes is

my battlenet is

how the heck did i get a by?

Originally posted by luke skywalker
[b]Um, if anyone wanted for later…

my Yahoo IM, which i use the most, is

and my AIM which i never use but you may get lucky on sometimes is

my battlenet is

how the heck did i get a by? [/b]

Okay, so, Stimuli and KK4’s job in the setting up the brackets was to pick random numbers.

I had assigned a number to each person/team. I told them, the first person one of them picks is getting a buy.

They picked your number. :stuck_out_tongue:

um some mistakes some ppl noticed

AIM: Harryman1987 Hot.Soup

this is correct

You had it wrong

Any slots still available? Didn’t see this until it was too late, I guess, heh. I can play in the singles, and if need be I have a partner for doubles.

Wow, why does everyone support Qp so much? His B.Net record is only 1-3-1, I mean have any of you actually seen him play? I’m not saying he isn’t good I’m just wondering why everyone thinks he is good.

Of course we’ve seen him play :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay. Games that have been played/need to be played –

1v1s –

KK4 vs. Stimuli - Stim wins.
Nero vs. Qpz4 - Nero wins. (Sorry about the map thing )
Sarun vs. Squeek - Squeek wins.
Cala vs. Glenn - Cala wins.
Schweppes vs. Lep - Schweppes wins.
Justin vs. JDpro - NOT PLAYED.
Toasty vs. KageSHi - NOT PLAYED.

2v2s –

Nero and Justin vs. KK4 and shlock_rock - Nero and Justin win.
Stimuli and Whittal vs. JDpro and Pablo - NOT PLAYED.
Schweppes and Toasty vs. Fly and Hot - NOT PLAYED.
Qpz4 and Sarun vs. KageSHi and Nemo - NOT PLAYED.
Lep and Squeek vs. Glenn and Cala - NOT PLAYED.

So, you 2v2 people need to get your asses in gear.

I’ve got replays of all of the played ones (with the exception of Cala and Glenn; a virus I’m told, but both of them have confirmed that she won) uploaded at:

Have fun.

EDIT: And for those of you in doubt of Qpz4’s skill, here’s what would have happened if he hadn’t thought it was an island map the first game:[rematch].zip

Qp knows how to play, but I didnt see him do anything special that would make him gosu in that replay… His opponent spent half the game microing 3 zealots. I think Pickpocket’s minerals/gas were about 1000/700 near the end of the game…

It’s simple. In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

Fly.Molo and myself (Hot.Soup) won quite easily.
Do to my partners superior micro I didn’t have to do a thing.

Admins contact me for the replay. We won against Lord_Revelin and pickpocket also known as schweppes and Toasty.

:cool: GG pocket and lord :cool:

I also agree with my partner when he said Qp isn’t gosu I didn’t see anything spectacular in the replay, no offense or anything.

When is Round 2 gonna start?

Not for another 10 days… groan:boring:

I can’t seem to find the other people on at the same time as me… I lost AIM, so it’s all e-mail for me now. My time during the next week is severely cut down (generally after 6:30 EST but only for 2-3 hours at the most).

Originally posted by Fly.Molo
Not for another 10 days… groan:boring:

Uh. 10? Don’t you mean 3? It got extended to the 25th, and that’s where it ends.

It shouldn’t take 3 hours to win a SC match Cala.:suckah: