Say hello to.......

the latest Certified Game Designer in the business !!! :smiley:

That’s right, yours truly is graduating from the 2-year Electronic Game Design course !!! :slight_smile:

Tommorow’s the big day ^^;

w00t !

Once I get back in town tommorow evening, I’ll be sure to join the fun once more on these boards. For the past month, I’ve been hard at work to complete my game project, a 3D Space Shooter. However, due to licences, legal stuff… I can’t distribute it, sadly. :frowning:

Oh well… I can say that the experience of working with a team of dedicated workers(whom are also passionate gamers) was a very positive one. ^^;

So yeah, go me ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Way to go DG. A lot of people have the dream, but not many people follow up on it since it’s a risky industry I hear. Congrats.

Can’t you distribute it under GPL or something? And awesome DG, where’d you study? I’m trying to get into a Game Design and Development degree myself, but I need to somehow arrange a humungous loan first. Anyway, congrats on getting that BA.

Heh, that’s great! I remember that you wrote in your bio that you hoped to get into the business someday, then kind of laughed it off and said “Yeah, right!”. But now it doesn’t seem so silly, does it?

Congratulations, DG! If you’re lucky, you just might end up working for Square Enix after all! 8)

W00tz for DG. :smiley:

Yay DG, hopefully I can be doing that too ^^

Congrats DG!

Eva : Yep… I had a hunch I’d succeed :stuck_out_tongue: Still… this project wouldn’t had been completed if it weren’t for the assistance of my wonderful teammates. :slight_smile:

TD : I’ve studied at the New Brunswick Community College of the Miramichi Campus… which is in Canada, of course :stuck_out_tongue:

Dalton : One can hope :stuck_out_tongue: I’m learning to write and play music on the side as I got a synthesizer I bought back in January, I’m still far from being a good player, but I’m working on it :stuck_out_tongue: If S-E would do another “SoE”, I’d so go for it :stuck_out_tongue:

Congratulations DG that is a great achivement,all i can say now is good luck.

I do hope i some day get into the game business myself as a programmer.

But still congrats DG.

DG :smiley:
Congratulations and welcome back!


If your development teams ever need music, don’t diss me! I need a JOB. I’m serious too :stuck_out_tongue: If it’s needed, don’t forget me. :smiley:

does the congratulations dance

Congratulations, and BANZAI! :victoly:

Have a cookie!