Say "Good Morning America" Ma'am

Word Travel fast around the UK.

I didn’t realise that you like us so much!!


I like Monty Python, Mr. Bean, BBC Nature Documentaries and British music. Not all that much a fan of the food though. The royal family scares me.

We don’t have to like people to put them on the news.

Acctually the UK econmny Runs on US$… and Since 7/7 we’ve been broke… we’re it’s a Ploy by Royal’s and ABC-UK (We do have a channel called ABC1 ran by ABC) for you American to Visit England. Any one visit Manchester, Let me know in advance, RPGCMeet…

Don’t forget ‘The Office’…beats the hell out of the US version. The royal family mostly sucks, save for Lady Diana and her kids who were blessed with her looks instead of their father’s. :stuck_out_tongue:

Europe-based Restaurant Magazine recently revealed the 50 Best Restaurants in the World for 2005, chosen by an international panel of more than 600 impossible-to-please restaurateurs, chefs, food critics and industry experts.

The winner of the coveted number one spot was The Fat Duck in Bray, Berkshire, Britain. The pioneering restaurant is famed for introducing the world to delicacies such as snail porridge, mussels in popcorn sauce, and bacon and egg ice cream. The bizarre-sounding dishes are part of The Fat Duck’s bid to create food that is both delicious and fun. In addition to “Best Restaurant in the World,” the Fat Duck also picked up an award for the second year in a row for “Best Restaurant in Europe.”

Of the top 50, 14 of the restaurants are in Britain.

Can you believe that? British cuisine is the best in the world? Fock les Francais?

President Jacques Chirac proberbly never had what I have. So he never had the good stuff…

Well, the UK is the home of the world’s biggest clock. That and it’s close to Easter Island.

Best in the world?! Read what kind of dishes they serve there. o0 Madness. Bacon and egg ice cream? It seems like the cuisine is getting just like the fashion scene: the stuff is not actually made to be worn/ eaten, just to be freaky =p

Okay Britain, shut up already. You won the olympics, congratulations, but your food still sucks, you’re still ugly, and need I even say the word “chav”?

I hate Chav’s too. I am not a normal britsh Bloke…

Pierson is closer…

I’m the only person on earth who thinks Monty Python sucks, aren’t I?

Oh, and much of Britain sucks, too.

Hey, as long as you like Blackadder, you’re not without hope. Monty Python may not be for everyone.

However, I’ve never met ANYONE who doesn’t like Blackadder even when they don’t like Monty Python.