I just watched this with my roommates and I have to say that this was not only one of the best movies I’ve ever seen… But definately the first movie EVER to make me afraid to go to sleep.

Jesus christ this movie fucked me up.

I wanna see it tooooo!! I’m gonna rent it with Elijah or Elizabeth sometime.

It was a really good movie. Not the most fucked up movie I’ve seen, but it was definately pretty damned awesome. In fact, I’ve liked everything that I’ve seen that Lions Gate has distributed so far.

I thought it was a really cool concept, but they could have executed it a lot better.

I was very disappointed with Saw. I didn’t find it scary at all really, and it could have been much better executed if they had kept to the two guys trapped in the room really. It jumped between different areas and times a bit too much for my liking.

The ending was certainly surprising. >.>

The ending was the best part. No one I talk to expects that.

Fo’ real. When the guy in the middle of the room started to get up, I was like “what the fuck?!”. I mean, how could he lie there for hours without moving at all?

Oh man I’m tempted to read the spoiler but I wanna be surprised!

Do people ever just sorta like horror movies? It seems like I never hear any response other than “Scariest movie EVOR!” or “It was stupid and not scary”.

I don’t watch scary movies to be scared - because, honestly, I’ve never seen a movie that really scared me.

I did love Saw though. It was a great movie. An awesome movie to see in theaters too. Black people in scary movies are hilarious :smiley:

Well CH. It’s hard to be kinda scared I think. Basically you are or you aren’t.

Well, anyway, it’s a great movie. The ending is incredible, easily the best last 30 or so minutes of a movie I’ve ever seen. The combination of the speed of events and the music is perfect. It’s…it’s almost beautiful.

This may sound like an odd request, especially since I don’t watch horror movies really, but could someone post a spoiler-covered paragraph or two about what happens, pretty please? I’ve been curious about how this movie goes, and I know the basic premise.

I want to know what happened, just without having to sit through a lot of gore!

I’ve heard the movie can make you re-evaluate your life and values. I haven’t seen the movie m’self. Can someone post a thought on that?

Yeah… I could see how it’d do that, Cala. It’s got that whole “asshole regular people” feel to it :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw it on opening night, whenever that was. It was a while ago, that’s all i mean, so I may not be up to par on all the details.

[spoiler]It really isn’t all that complicated a movie. Basicially, the movie starts out with these two guys who are chained to pipes in this run down dirty old bathroom. On opposite sides of the room, they are seperated by the grunge and disrepair of the room, as well as the corpse of a dead man - who in one hand is holding a gun and the other a microcasette recorder. Around the room are microcasettes and little notes and clues on how they can escape. One of the men is a Doctor, whose family has been taken hostage. He and his family will live if the Doctor takes the gun and kills the other occupant of the room, Adam.

Through the development of the storyline, the Doctor reveals that they are caught in the web of a mastermind serial killer named Jigsaw, who is responsible for deaths involving similar situations all around the city. One woman awoke to find that she had a bear trap contraption that had been fitted with a bomb attached to her jaw. She had 60 seconds to dig the key out of the stomach of a man, who was still alive, who was laying on the floor in front of her.

Meanwhile, on the outside, two detectives are working with the woman I mentioned above on trying to catch Jigsaw - who only appears through the movie as a sinister looking puppet. The Doctor, in the room, was a suspect in the the case, but was relased. One of the detectives, played by that black guy in the Lethal Weapon movies (Danny something), is dismissed from the case after he and his partner find Jigsaws base, a test subject for the next one of his traps, and attempt to apprehend Jigsaw. The attempt backfires and Danny Something’s partner dies and Jigsaw tries to slit Danny something’s throat but fails. Driven by rage and contempt, he continues to hunt the Jigsaw killer and has a line on the Doctors family, who he still suspects is Jigsaw, and does not know he may or may not be one of his victims.

The rest of the movie reveals the memories of the two men in the room - what their relationship to one another is and how they got in their current situation. As it turns out, Jigsaw had hired Adam to follow around the Doctor and document his short lived fling with an office secretary.[/spoiler]

Towards the end, the entire movie speeds up almost exponentially. So many things are revealed in the last 30-40 minutes that not only can I not remember them all and their specific line of events, but just writing them down wouldn’t do it justice. The entire sequence is brilliantly composed and is absolutly worth seeing. Honestly, the movie isn’t gorey at all, it’s more shocking and surprising. It’s not a horror movie - those movies never even existed. It’s a supremely thrilling movie, and the final moments will without a doubt leave your heart pounding. The goriest moment in the movie is towards the end when the doctor tries to escape the trap by taking a metal saw that was found in the room to his ankle in an attempt to relieve himself of his chains. It doesn’t show all thel sawing, but you do get a quick look at him doing it.

Hope that was good.

edit As far as changing your life, I doubt it. I mean, it might make you feel like you should be nicer to people, but honestly the movie doesn’t gear itself in that direction, so it’s not the focal point of the message. The movie isn’t out to change people, it’s out to thrill and entertain us. If something like this encourages you to change your lifestyle and how you treat others then your parents did a shitty job of raising you, and you should probably take it to heart. If you’re that fickle, then you probably need to change anyway.

I still haven’t seen it. I bought 1 DVD recently - it was that or the grudge. The grudge won. I wanna see it though. Personally, I think the most messed up movie ever would be Silent Hill. If they ever made the thing.

Well I watched this last night, and I thought it fucking rocked. Though, I don’t think I’d even consider it a horror movie so much as a like, mystery or something. I didn’t really get scared, but I LOVED this movie. The type of things that usually scare me are the jumpy things, I don’t think they had any of those in this.

Just clarifying: Was Sepps “game” inside of a bigger “game” for him to stay alive? Didn’t Jigsaw poison him, so then Sepp made his own little puzzle of death?