Anyone seen this yet?
I just got done watching it… and yeah… it was beautifully made.

Haven’t seen it yet. :frowning:

I saw the first few previews for it. Those were…interesting. O.o

What’s the movie actually about?

I want to see this so bad, even though I know the ending: Cancer dude

It looks awesome. Is it? Your post gives an air of mystified awe, but I want to clear this up.

it’s all explained, but it’s just mindnumbingly awesome… it’s hard to describe, but everything is unexpected unless you think very hard about it.

I really wanna see it too. Steve, is it scary? Should I bring along some… certain people? >.>;

Hopefully I shall see it this weekend.

I want to see it, I jsut haven’t had the time…or been paid!

No, but I might. Is it about saws, or past tense of see?

I saw it. It’s pretty badass.

The movie centers around two people, Dr. Gordon and Adam, who are both in the same room and chained to pipes. They can’t reach each other, and in the middle of the room is a dead guy with a gun in one hand and a tape player in the other. They both have tapes in their pockets. The tapes explain their situations, and instructs Dr. Gordon to kill Adam before 6:00 or he and his family will die and the door will be locked shut. There are clues scattered throughout the room for them to find and escape with. Dr. Gordon reasons that they have been captured by Jigsaw, a killer who recently topped headlines for putting his victims into predicaments so that he wouldn’t be responsible for their deaths.

Saw is a psuedo-brilliant psychological thriller. Not relying on “jump-scares”, the movie heavily relies on the mind fuck quality. So, no, Ramza, I don’t think this is a good date movie.

I loved it. The last 15 or so minutes are great.