Saw II

So, it came out… last week? Anyone seen it? I’ve seen it twice (friends hadn’t seen it yet), thought it was a decent movie, but a lot of the thought provoked in Saw didn’t come through as well in II, or if it did, was masked a lot more by all the action.

So anyone… thoughts?

I thought it was an awesome movie. I thought the traps were interesting.

Especially the one for the slutty girl, he must have known she was stupid enough to just stick both arms up into the razor tubes.

My favorite was the one for the drug-dealer, though. God… He just dropped the girl into all the things… and… let the poking commence. How come she didn’t bleed?

Anywho, I enjoyed the movie.

Im debating with myself whether to see it. So far my YES side is winning

The first one was pretty good…I’ll probably see this one as well.

I thought it was a couple hours of the director seeing how sadistic he could be just to impress goreror fans, with worse acting than the original and the thought provoking ideas removed. Not worth the seven bucks at all.
I really liked the original, though, so it’s not like I just don’t like this kind of movie. I just thought the original finished things up, and should’ve been left alone. This feels like a cheap cash in, all the way through, to me.

I really liked the first one, especailly the ending :), and can’t wait to see 2

She bled when they were pulling out the needles.

I personally thought it was better than the first. I had guessed the ending in the first moving easily. The second ending really threw me off.

Can’t wait for the third one. At the rate they’re pumpin’ 'em out (16/26 days to film, respectively), it can’t be too long.

There definitely could be a third. They set it up perfectly.

Oh oh! Maybe even a TV show!

I didn really like it, i think the first one was better, like more killing. The thing i liked was when he broke the dudes fingers like twigs, i thought it was funny.