Savegame files online?

So I was thinking… are there any sites with savegame files? Someplace where people upload their save files, so that when you want to play a game from a point on or play a New Game+, you d/l it and do your business? Mainly interested in emulation ones.

This has nothing to do with Lameboy somehow deleting my whole Gameboy folder in the DS, including the Oracle of Seasons save, where all but a three areas of the map had been revealed. Lame.

Google failed me and perhaps such sites don’t exist e.g. if sending savegames isn’t perceived to enlarge your e-penis. No harm in asking, anyway.

GameFAQs has save files for newer games.

There used to be emulation sites like that carried these things.

Zophar is still up, and you should see a ton of save files for everything up till about three or four years ago. Unfortunately GB games are underrepresented.

I had already checked GameFAQs, with no result.

Thanks for mentioning Zophar, I’d never noticed it had savestates (it has Oracle). Googling for savestates gives better results, even if many of them aren’t savestates. For posterity, Zelda Legends also turns out to have saves for Zeldas.

Thanks for the help, guys!